Types of Recruitment Methods that you Should Know

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 Aug 26, 2022

Types of Recruitment Methods that you Should Know

There are various perquisites for various jobs. As a result, firms employ a variety of recruitment techniques to gather the finest employees. In other words, it would be accurate to suggest that companies must adopt hiring strategies that are appropriate for their setting. The chosen approach must also appeal to the kind of workforce they seek. Occasionally, you’ll see many recruitment strategies being employed by the same company. However, the department and the function are the only factors that matter. So, in this blog, we will talk about the different types of recruitment methods which a company can opt for.

Types of Recruitment Methods

One of the main functions of any company’s HR department is recruitment. Internal and External sources make up the two primary categories that comprise recruitment methods. Your business has two options when hiring for employment positions either you can hunt for applicants internally or outside the organisation. Before choosing recruiting strategies, your HR department will need to be considering a number of aspects, including the job function, the position being offered, and the skill sets needed. It is important since using the appropriate approach will enable your business to waste less time, money, and training resources.

Internal Recruitment

It is one of the known recruitment methods. Your organisation employs individuals for new job roles through an internal recruitment process. Basically, your HR team looks through a list of your present employees whenever a new position becomes available to attempt and fill the vacancy. Many businesses choose internal hiring since it provides numerous advantages. First of all, this technique doesn’t require a whole overhaul of your HR department. You already have the lists of skills, performance standards and other information about your current employees. These facilities are easy-yet-effective for internal recruiting. Secondly, it greatly affects your staff members because they get to advance to more responsible positions and benefit from better chances. Even then, there are numerous internal recruitment sub-types that can be used to hire a candidate.

Advantages of Internal Recruitment

Here are the following benefits of internal recruitment:

  1. It is easy, quick, straightforward, and economical.
  2. There is no requirement for orientation or training because the candidates are already familiar with their duties.
  3. It improves workplace relations inside the company and encourages employees to put in hard work.
  4. It aids in cultivating employee loyalty to the company.

Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment

Here are some of the following drawbacks of internal recruitment:

  1. It stops potential resources from being hired again. New resources can occasionally stimulate creative thinking and the development of original ideas.
  2. Because it is impossible to fill every open position, its scope is restricted.
  3. There could be conflicts between the personnel, depending on who gets promoted and who doesn’t.
  4. The position will remain open in the event of an internal resource promotion or transfer.
  5. Employees who don’t get promoted could become dissatisfied and unmotivated.

Types of Recruitment Methods: External Recruitment

Hiring applicants from outside your firm is known as external recruitment. In essence, a newly hired individual with an excellent aptitude for the needed job fills a new position. As compared to internal recruitment, external recruitment is more expensive and time-consuming. It is preferred to none less, as it offers your business a new point. Your business has a lot of long-term potentials when you hire talented people.

Advantages of the External Recruitment

Here are some of the following benefits of external recruitment:

  1. It motivates job searchers to pursue new chances.
  2. External sources contribute to a growth in organisation branding.
  3. There won’t be any favouritism or bias among the personnel.
  4. Due to the abundance of prospects, there is a more significant opportunity to choose the best one.

Disadvantages of the External Recruitment

Here is the drawback of external recruitment:

  1. Due to the extensive selection process, this process takes extra time.

What is Recruitment Process?

The process of recruiting involves locating qualified candidates with the potential to fill vacant jobs within a business. In order for the firm to accomplish a specific goal or aim, the HR department finds the best applicant that possesses the necessary talents, abilities and skills.

The steps in the recruitment process are managing the job opening, evaluating the market and the positions needs, examining the applications received, shortlisting, and determining the ultimate hiring decisions. We strongly advise the HR professional team to examine the following categories of recruitment strategies in order to improve hiring efficiency. All of these recruitment techniques have been shown to be the best and most successful. The strategies listed below give HR uniformity during the hiring process.

Recruitment Methods: List of the Various Kind of Recruitment

Smart recruiters are aware that in order to grab candidates in various ways, they need to have a variety of quick options at their disposal. We’d like to offer some of the several recruitment methods/strategies one can use in their organisation.

Recruitment Methods

Straight Advertising

You can locate lots of applications by posting job ads on your career website, job boards, social media and trade publications. Additionally, it promotes your employer branding and improves the standing of your business. External advertising can be quite expensive, which is a drawback. Additionally, if you don’t carefully target the placement of your adverts, you risk drawing in the wrong kind of people or receiving an inadequate manner. It is one of the popular recruitment methods.

Database for Talent Pool

Your talent pool database should always be searched for applicants and candidates who were not hired but were suitable enough to save. The majority of employment decisions require choosing between two or three prospects. When a new position opens up, dig deep in your talent pool for candidates with equivalent qualifications. You may be able to save a lot of time.

Recruitment Methods: Employees Reference

Most business has some style of undertakings in place for employee referrals. Referrals from co-workers unite internal and external hiring. Existing employees are urged to recommend persons they know for open positions. The benefits include speed, cost-effectiveness, and the assurance that staff won’t suggest the wrong applicants. Additionally, the new recruit will already be more familiar with your company than an outside hire.

Rotating Employees

Since they are aware of their strengths and the employee is familiar with and compatible with the corporate culture, employees are familiar with and compatible with the corporate culture, employers realise the worth of rehiring them. Rehiring a boomerang employee shortens the hiring process, eliminates the possibility of a poor hire, and lowers the cost per hire. It is one of the crucial recruitment methods.

Transfers & Promotions

Although the two aren’t entirely the same, the premise is the same transfers and promotions. The right internal candidates are found to fill unfilled positions. A promotion entails moving up the corporate ladder, receiving more duties, and receiving a wage raise. A transfer is a horizontal relocation that typically doesn’t come with new obligations and money. Employees may take on a similar function in a different department or division or be transferred to the same designation in another branch or location.

Recruitment Methods: Employees Exchange System

Employee exchanges are not available in all nations, although they are required in some. An employment exchange is a project established by the government that keeps track of people looking for work. The exchange receives fresh job postings from employers and provides information on qualified applicants. Utilizing an exchange is cost-effective, but more suitable for lower-level jobs in factories, farms and artisanal lands.

Agencies for Hiring

You can hire a recruitment firm to manage your hiring needs. On your behalf, agencies handle full-cycle recruiting. Although utilising an agency is expensive, it gives you more time to focus on more important matters. For difficult-to-fill positions and for companies without internal HR resources to focus on hiring, recruitment services are a terrific option.

Moreover, you have the option of hiring an outside recruiter to reach out to a particular prospect of your business. You might be aware of the passive applicant, who should be ideal for the position, but they are employed by your adversary. So you don’t want to contact them directly. The best option would be a headhunter or executive search recruiter. It is one of the known recruitment methods.

Organisation with Expertise

The professional association can be a great source of candidates when you need to fill a position requiring a high level of ability. Registration with the proper professional association is a requirement for many professions open qualifications. There are other organisations as well, where membership is optional but enhances a candidate’s credentials. By collaborating with these groups and organisations, you can meet leading talent.

Recruitment Methods: Internships and Apprenticeships

Offering internships and apprenticeships are a great approach to learning about people’s skills and is comparable to doing a working interview. Line and hiring managers can give the potential to find interns and apprentices who can be trained and groomed for future opportunities during the contact term. Future leaders must begin somewhere. Thus, they will all be employed initially for an entry-level post. A well-run internship and apprenticeship programme is a great place to spot future leaders and talent.

Recruitment Methods: Recruitment Events

Future leaders must begin somewhere. Thus they will all be employed initially for an entry-level post. A well-run internship and apprenticeship programme is a great place to spot future leaders and talent. Knowing exactly what kind of candidate you want to draw in and what your employer’s value proposition is will help you obtain the highest return on investment.

Another excellent technique to uncover potential prospects is job shadowing. Additionally, it’s a great way to advertise your employer’s brand and show the public that your business encourages talent development.

Word of Mouth

Large corporations and multinationals can readily use word-of-mouth methods of hiring since they receive daily visits from opportunistic job searchers. They have a strong employer brand known as desirable employers. They only need to announce that they are hiring and will receive a positive reaction. This approach can also be effective, but only in rural areas where a sizable portion of the local employee is employed by a single company. Mining firms and sawmills are two examples. Additionally, high-street establishments in small towns can draw candidates by spreading the word via local gossip networks.

Recruitment Methods: Bulletin Boards

On bulletin boards, there are still positions that can be advertised. Common examples are factory and agricultural work. Unemployed people frequently wait for a day or contract job announcements at factory gates. Seasonal labourers in agriculture congregate at neighbourhood markets or cops to view job listings posted by nearby firms.


There are two recruitment methods & numerous recruitment options accessible. There is no one that works best in every situation, so your business must carefully consider the ideal approach. Internal hiring is quick, easy, and inexpensive, yet it can cause a company to stagnate and expand slowly. External hiring offers capable talents, skills, and growth but is time-consuming and expensive. Most business balances these two recruitment strategies well in order to profit from both of them. Thus, we hope this blog has provided you with insightful information regarding recruitment methods. For more information, connect with CorpHR; we will gladly like to assist you in each and every manner. Our recruitment team will help your business in getting the right fit. 

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