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Focus Sessions
In focus group discussions, participants are hand-selected to represent a representative sampling of the target audience.
Polls have a better participation rate because they are completed more quickly than open-ended questions.
A Field Test
Field trials give firms the chance to evaluate various aspects of their item or image.

Find marketers that will help your firm excel in various aspects of formulating a brand image

Daily information that is pertinent to a company's marketing operations is known as market intelligence. Once gathered, this information can be examined and used to make intelligent judgments about the actions of rival companies, their goods, customer patterns, and market prospects.

With this knowledge, marketers can assess their strategies and refine their next efforts using both their own and the industry's collective wisdom.

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Market Intelligence improves the vision of the business. We are here to help you in achieving your vision.
We use the tool both offline & online and can assist businesses in obtaining both descriptive and analytical data about their customers.
We used to discover more details about their intended audience and frequently connected statistics.
We utilised this approach to comprehend a subject or a product thoroughly.


Diversified Reach
CorpHR has a diversified reach throughout the market and streamlines market intelligence for your firm.


Targeted Crowd
CorpHR is excellent in targeting the crowd depending on the kind of product the company is introducing.


Find Marketers
CorpHR can help you in finding such marketers that will help your firm excel in various aspects of formulating a brand image.

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We have been recognised as the Nation's fastest growing recruitment agency for assessing marketing strategies. 200+ business leaders rely on us for market intelligence services.

Frequently asked question

    What is Market Intelligence?

    Market intelligence refers to daily information relevant to a company's marketing operations.

    What kind of information can we obtain from market intelligence?

    Market intelligence provides information about your market segment or about your company that can help you to plan your strategy and achieve a competitive advantage. They provide statistics such as sales, customer data, survey responses, focus groups, and competitor research comprise market intelligence.

    What are the significant types of marketing information?

    There are mainly three types of marketing information. They are internal data, competitive intelligence and marketing research.

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