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We understand that different recruitment methods are adopted in a wide range of industries. That's the key reason we have mastered the craft of industry-specific recruitment. One of the common problems faced by companies nowadays is that they fail to bring the right people on board. The reason is their in-house hiring process may lack knowledge about industry-centric recruitment. At Corphr, we know how to bring capable resources for different industries with a lot of expertise and knowledge. We are modifying our strategy with changes in the industries and always keep ourselves updated with the latest trends. In order to empower established businesses and startups

Industries we cater to


Real Estate

Banking & Insurance

Advertising & Media





Aviation & Aerospace




Healthcare & Life Science



Mining and Metals



Production & Manufacturing


Food & Beverages

Metals, Minerals, and Mining

Oil & Gas


Reasons Why Industry-centric Recruitment is Important

Given below are the significant reasons that back industry-centric recruitment
Improved Performance
Hiring candidates from diverse industries as per the requirement in different industries leads to a boost in performance and productivity. When a recruitment agency like Corphr proceeds with such a hiring approach, candidates hired by us bring relevant expertise and a wide range of skill sets that can take the organization to new heights. Such resources understand the best practices followed in the industry, modern trends and emerging technologies make informed decisions and bring innovation to their expertise zone.
Competitive Edge
Organizations need to increase their pace in the current scenario if they want to get a competitive edge over their competitors. By bringing industry-centric professionals on board, they will gain competitive merits by leveraging their knowledge and expertise. These professionals can help organizations identify opportunities, tackle challenges, and make strategies better in comparison with the strategies of competitors.
Cultural Fit
By embracing industry-centric recruitment, organizations can make sure that the candidates hired will march ahead with the organization’s values and culture. Such candidates appreciate and understand the work ethics and dynamics of the industry. As they align with the organization’s values, it can be assumed that better teamwork, enhanced employee engagement, and collaboration will lead to higher retention rates and a booming environment to work and grow.
Faster Onboarding Process
When organizations delegate their hiring job to a recruitment agency and advise recruitment specialists to hire candidates with industry-centric experience, they are likely to ensure a faster onboarding process. Since these candidates are already aware of the industry practices, rules and regulations, they require very less training and guidance. Faster onboarding is in store.
More Learning in Less Time
Candidates who have past experience working in the same industry will require less time to adjust themselves to the condition, and they can even learn more in a short span of time. They have a solid knowledge base and a better understanding of things due to their industry-specific expertise.

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment for the Industries

Our talent acquisition process comprises:
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsScreening of Qualified Potential Candidates.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsHeadhunter Solutions for Different Industries.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsContingent Staffing Solutions.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsTemporary and Permanent Staffing.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsExecutive and Board Search.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsAI-equipped Background Screening Assistance.
As a leading recruitment agency, we provide manpower outsourcing solutions for the following job roles across 15+ Industries
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsCXO Level CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, CMO, COO, CHRO, CLO, and others.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsVertical Director.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsMarketing Head.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsSenior Manager.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsFinance Manager.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsPR & Communications Manager.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsAll Types of Software Developer.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsProduct Manager.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsBusiness Analyst.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsAll IT Positions.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsEngineers & All Professionals.
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsAll Executives.
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