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Interim Management

  • Permanent and Temporary staffingPermanent and Temporary staffing solutions.
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Executive Qualifications
As interims, they desire to switch between businesses and impart their knowledge to advance the careers of others.
Industry-crossing skills and knowledge
Interims have exposure to the newest knowledge that enables them to transfer best practices from one sector to another.
Result Oriented
The performance of interim executives is evaluated. Instead of ideas and strategy, implementation is their main focus.

What can you do if a catastrophe affects your company?

The idea of hiring a successful CEO with vast experience in the very kind of crisis your company is facing, just briefly sufficient to help you through it, would probably cross your mind at a certain time as you struggle to pick up the pieces.

These possibilities do exist today and are referred to as interim management. And it's one of the most current types of management approaches for mending to appear in recent years.

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Interim management is the ideal solution for short to mid-term management. We will provide the perfect solutions to tackle all your problems.
Project Planning Expertise
Project Planning Expertise
Project Planning Expertise
We provide executives who are adept at carrying out such projects due to their unique level of training and expertise.
Economic Approach
Economic Approach
Economic Approach
The interim manager places a strong emphasis on profit maximization.
Offer Efficiency and Reliability
Offer Efficiency and Reliability
Offer Efficiency and Reliability
Provision of security during times of upheaval or shift within an organization gives consistency, which raises worker efficiency.


Knowledgeable Intellect
CorpHR brings the knowledgeable intellect to your company that would help you to make the best decision while carrying out a project.


Legal and Fintech
CorpHR has the most significant demand velocity from the spheres of Legal and Fintech of the prevailing demands.


CorpHR interim management services comprise diverse orbs of specialization, each one of which is incredibly competitive and has tremendous demand velocity.

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We have been ranked as the leading service providers for our top-tier recruitment services. Trusted by leading business giants of India and abroad.

Frequently asked question

    Who are Interim Managers?

    An interim manager is a highly skilled and specialised executive who could be hired for a short duration of time to solve a particular business problem.

    What is the minimum time period of an Interim Manager?

    The minimum time period an Interim manager may fill the role is up to 18 months or longer.

    What are the main advantages of Interim Management?

    They are completely dedicated to their work. They are not part of the regular staff, costs can be kept low. Collaboration with the company on a temporary basis.

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Careers Transformed and Counting


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