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About Us

Our Values

Every individual possesses potential, abilities, and special qualities, irrespective of background, gender, culture, or race. Without bias, judgement, or labels, we respect them and show who they are, and we challenge our customers to do the same.
We cannot produce brilliant work without brilliant people. We value all of our employees, including current and upcoming ones. We pledge to comprehend each other’s requirements, abilities, special talents, and personalities in order to flourish as a team.
Intelligent Insight
For the benefit of our clients, candidates, and the industry, it is our responsibility to obtain information, read between the lines, and understand what is happening from a larger perspective. Our discoveries offer a way forward for both the present and the future.
Knowing that the ideal applicant will provide clarity and purpose, we consider many approaches to fulfil a client brief. We take great pride in providing solutions to our client’s staffing problems and placing our candidates in fulfilling roles and professions.
The Grand Picture
We are showcasing a clear evaluation of opportunities and industry trends. We thrive at putting in the effort to act morally toward both clients and candidates.

Why Corphr?

Corphr was started with the objective of helping businesses in finding the right fit. After realizing the existing challenges in recruitment, our team of passionate HR professionals and recruitment consultants with 15+ years of global recruitment experience decided to form a team and simplify the complicated hiring process. Our AI-equipped recruitment services and staffing solutions play a significant role in bridging the gap between talented resources and companies across diverse industries such as Real Estate, IT, Retail, Banking & Insurance, Advertising & Media, Healthcare & Life Science, Aviation & Aerospace, FMCG, Leather, Telecommunication, and other industries.

We are the most trusted and competent hiring solution provider for big businesses and startup ventures. Our client retention rate of 99.2% helped us win the trust of Indian as well as International clients. Our recruiting experts can help you find the contractual and permanent personnel you require immediately. Let us assist you in developing a productive, motivated workforce that will keep your business going forward because performance matters, and so does your time. When you rely on us and give us a chance to bring the star performers on board, we ensure that you will get a pool of capable hands in no time.

Best Recruitment Services

At Corphr, we provide the best recruitment services miles ahead of traditional recruitment techniques. Our recruitment specialists have gained global exposure by serving clients across borders. We follow HR standards and ethical practices and leave no scope for fraud.

  • 15+ Years of Recruitment Expertise
  • Ranked 3 Times in a Row as the Best Recruitment Agency
  • 20+ Offices
  • 2500+ International Clients
  • 6, 25,000+ Professionals Placed
  • 40% Reduction in Cost to Hire
Careers Transformed
Industries Covered
0 Lakh+
Happy Clients

Our Approach

With collaborative tools that let us work as a coherent and consistent global team, we seek to provide real added value for our clients.

This approach ensures rapid access to world-class knowledge, better utilization of evidence-based practices, and a quick research procedure. We use the strength of our vast network to serve both local and international clients. With years of experience operating in over more than 50 markets, including numerous emerging nations, we have modified standard procedures to accommodate local conditions. We are providing services to a large group of international clients and finding talent abroad thanks to our team of efficient recruiters and seamless cross-border cooperation. Our experts actively participate in each search, supported by internal research groups based in many regions. With this method, we can choose the best team for you and create a hiring plan that will empower your business with productive resources. We conduct multiple rounds of screening and profiling in order to make sure that the right talent is placed to perform the right role, including personal interviews conducted by our seasoned interviewers, personality tests, along with a personalized range of profiling techniques.

Our success depends on having a thorough understanding of your company. Thus, part of our process involves thoroughly analysing the position that needs to be filled. The correct people will be chosen to meet your unique needs because your CorpHR consultants have a close relationship with all of our colleagues around the world. By using this data, we can efficiently brief our staff and inform applicants in a manner that will pique their interest in the position. The reputation of our client is benefited from this level of detail, which also enables our consultants to perform competency-based and organised interviews for the best possible choice.


We analyzed the existing challenges of recruitment in different industries and developed a roadmap concerning how to overcome those challenges.


Formed a team of Recruiters and Recruitment Consultants with more than 15+ years of experience in filling job positions across different industries.


Finally, Corphr came into existence to provide modern-day recruitment solutions to startups and established business ventures in Noida.


The journey of accomplishments continued as we opened our branch in Delhi and served 1500+ clients in the entire Delhi NCR region.


Again, a year of giant leaps as we successfully opened our branch in Bangalore and developed a candidate database of 1.5 Lakh+ candidates.


We continued with our expansion plan and started providing services in countries such as Malta, Myanmar, Egypt, Kuwait, Spain, etc.


We have successfully opened our offices in Mumbai & Chennai, served 10,000+ top players and formed a client database of 5 lakh+ available candidates.

Industries we cater to


Real Estate

Banking & Insurance

Advertising & Media





Aviation & Aerospace




Healthcare & Life Science



Mining and Metals


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Why choose us

We have got the best
recruitment consultants
in the country

There is no snappy way to find the best-suited candidates in the shortest span of time unless the candidate hiring process is carried out precisely.
Our recruitment consultants are specialists in terms of screening, filtering & profiling candidates and provide superior recruitment services so you can keep your eyes set on operating your business without any trouble.
  • Services at the Earliest Reduces the amount of time and in-house resources you need to devote to recruitment.
  • Cost Saver With our outsourced company strategy, you can save money on overhead and other administrative costs.
  • High-Quality Talent Pool Candidates are screened, filtered, and profiled by top recruitment consultants.
Our Clients

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We are glad to share that 98% of our clients come back to us after taking our services. Our strong client retention capability and timely delivery of the right resources make us the leading recruitment firm.
Seema Singh
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"Excellent service! They helped me to get experienced employee for my company."
MD, India
"Excellent customer service. They are very highly experienced staff. "
MD, India
"CorpHr has amazed me with outstanding service during our executive recruitment."
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