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Senior and Middle Level Hiring Services

  • Permanent and Temporary staffingPermanent and Temporary staffing solutions.
  • HR industry19+ years of experience in the HR industry.
  • PAN India PAN India presence.
  • quality talentGet a continuous supply of quality talent from an experienced team of recruiters.

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Hire Experienced Employees
We interact with talented and adept groups of people and find the best profile matches.
Modern Hiring Standards
We follow the modern hiring standards and help your business in getting senior & middle-level resources.
Recruitment Structure
We assess your future candidate into two primary methods to test if they are capable of the applied roles and responsibilities.

We ensure that the client's selecting appropriate skills and experience requirements are met.

There are CEO, partners, seniors, and then subordinates in the hierarchical roles and responsibility levels of a company. Recruitment takes place for various reasons like insufficient staff, senior profile resignations, retirements, and other personal or professional changes. At any time, a company might need to fill in vacancies for different positions based on availabilities. With CorpHR, you can easily tackle such situations.

About us


Middle and senior-level resources are the backbones of any organization. We are here to help you strengthen your backbone.
Background-Check Management
Background-Check Management
Background-Check Management
Our background-check management is concerned with gaining in-depth insights of folks who want to join at the middle and senior levels.
Modern Talent Acquisition Solutions
Modern Talent Acquisition Solutions
Modern Talent Acquisition Solutions
CorpHR offers modern talent acquisition solutions that diminish the cons and complexities associated with traditional hiring techniques.
Wide Range of Expertise
Wide Range of Expertise
Wide Range of Expertise
With the growth of human race, the CorpHR has a diversified worker network in fields like Security & Aviation, Education, IT, Fintech, Healthcare, Logistics and many more.


Focused & Self-Driven Candidates
We fulfil the clients demanding needs in terms of skills and expertise.


Network of Contacts
We find highly qualified and experienced individuals, frequently just beginning with a phone call.


Perfect Evaluation
We will proceed further after evaluating the candidate’s knowledge, experience, moral character set by our client organisations.

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Gained Acclaim & Recognition on a Global Level

We have been labelled as India's leading recruitment agency for senior and middle-level recruitment services. 8 out of 10 resources hired by us stay in a company for more than 1.5 years.

Frequently asked question

    How we can hire a senior manager?

    Hiring a senior manager is an important decision for any company. As a result, you should use your professional network to find one that fits both your culture and your budget.
    If you can’t find one, contact to our experts at CorpHR we will help you in finding a senior manager who meets all of your requirements.

    How hiring can get easier for us?

    Going to hire a senior or mid-level manager is difficult. Furthermore, sifting through applicants, interviewing them, and dealing with all of the work without bias is no easy task. As a result, CorpHR analyses your requirements and accepts the responsibility of screening each and every candidate from you.

    Why hiring of senior staff is important?

    Hiring of senior staff is important because it define the skills and qualifications that you are searching in your candidates.

Careers Transformed and Counting

Careers Transformed and Counting


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