10 Reasons Why Recruitment process outsourcing is the Good-to-go Choice

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 Aug 30, 2022

10 Reasons Why Recruitment process outsourcing is the Good-to-go Choice

Recruitment process outsourcing is the new normal in the country. The economy is at crossroads, and businesses need talented and committed employees. The company’s core is talented employees need to be its strongest component. There is a greater probability of overall improved growth and a solid foundation if these qualities employees are hired. When the organisation’s basis is solid, it can weather any challenges and come out stronger than before.

However, during the hiring process, many employees commit this serious error instead of spending money on the expansion and the prosperity of the business. By selecting the best candidates for the work, you can be ensured that the assignment will be completed efficiently and quickly. A significant return on the appropriate investment is also possible. Thus, here are the top 10 reasons why you should work with an external recruitment firm and go ahead with the recruitment process outsourcing to guarantee that you locate the most qualified applicants for the position.

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

The practice of an employer outsourcing all or a portion of its hiring process to an outside partner is known in the recruitment sector as Recruitment process outsourcing. When a company relocates or even goes through mergers and acquisitions, RPOs are frequently used as recruitment options. It works especially well when several hiring must be made in a short period of time and across several business segments.

 Key Benefits

Here are some of the following benefits of Recruitment process outsourcing:

  1. Cost-saving measures include recruitment process outsourcing-related tasks.
  2. Higher Scalability
  3. Hiring that is quick
  4. Increase the calibre of hire
  5. Reporting and Analytics
  6. Increases employer brand
  7. Global adherence to recruiting guidelines

Kinds of Recruitment process outsourcing

Here are the different types of Recruitment process outsourcing:

recruitment process outsourcing-CorpHR

On-Demand Outsourcing

When it comes to Recruitment Process Outsourcing, scalability is paramount. An on-demand outsourcing programme can easily serve these recruiting needs strategically if your company encounters seasonal hiring spikes, such as around the holidays in the summer. When you require an extra pair of hands to work seamlessly with your team, this model can offer you a dedicated recruiting resource.

Project Based RPO

Does your company have a committed talent acquisition staff but is looking for outside recruitment assistance to help fill up particular roles? There is only one option: project-based RPO. Having extra employees on hand is beneficial when your business is changing its strategy, introducing a new product or service, or growing in scope. With project-based RPO, you’ll have access to a group of recruiters who can advise you on how to scale your staff to take care of these changes to your company.

Hybrid Outsourcing

Want to keep some of your vacant roles under your control while outsourcing some of your talent needs? Check out the hybrid outsourcing model in more detail. By implementing this structure, you may take advantage of the assistance provided by RPO recruiting teams that are organised to collaborate closely with your current TA or HR department. Your RPO provider will have access to a personalised email account, giving candidates the impression that they are a part of your company. Your company can easily contract out for the delivery of certain markets and/or departments in accordance with a predetermined set of SLAs that match the metrics of your current team. The hybrid RPO model’s agile structure might introduce fresh ideas to improve your recruiting strategy.

Enterprise Outsourcing

Enterprise Outsourcing, often referred to as full talent lifecycle RPO, enables businesses to outsource every facet of their hiring process. Your RPO provider will be there to offer help and expertise at each stage of the hiring process, from early candidate sourcing and screening efforts to conducting interviews and navigating the hiring process. While enhancing candidate quality, this full-service RPO solution can increase operational effectiveness, produce cost savings, and ensure greater compliance. Deploying an enterprise RPO model could be the solution if your company needs to improve its recruiting performance.

Why Choose to Work with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Provider?

Corphr is the top recruitment process outsourcing provider. Even though they are specialists in their sector, specialised recruiters may give potential employers a more polished view. Additionally, they may assist you in deciding on compensation plans and negotiating the finest term with potential hires. Working with a specialist in recruitment service is a good idea because they are more likely to have the right skill set for your needs. For instance, if you need a lot of workers, you might not need a specialised recruiter for every opening. As a substitute, you may work with a staffing firm that screens and interviews applicants to ensure you hire capable and qualified candidates for your company. You might be able to reserve money if you don’t need a professional recruiter while still getting the best candidates for your needs.

The ideal agency would also have a network of gifted individuals they can get in your touch with for information. If you employ an expert in your field, the recruiter will have access to these individuals and be able to suggest the most qualified candidate for your position. Only until a candidate has proven to be suitably qualified for the post will you need to meet them. You and the agency will find the process to be simpler as a result.  

Reasons why it’s the Best Choice

Let’s look at the top 10 reasons for Recruitment process outsourcing:

The Employees You Hired Get Fired in 6 Months

The problem of employee turnover can be quite expensive. Technology and solution democratisation are offering companies more options than ever to manage a variety of HR concerns, including turnover. To find the candidates who are least likely to depart, pre-employment testing. You can also find great talent by outsourcing your recruitment to professionals who follow strict procedures. The recruiting specialist may examine why you are selecting the incorrect candidates, which will ultimately save you a tonne of money.

Hired People Quit the Job within 12 Months

Do you see that employees leave their job in the first year? Despite the widespread misconception that members of Generation Z and millennial frequently changes their job, studies have shown that contended workers, regardless of their age, tend to stick with a company for a longer period of time. Consider recruitment process outsourcing or employing an assessment to strengthen your hiring process if you are losing employees to burnout or other reasons within a year.

Losing Candidates

If you find that you are losing candidates due to the length of your process, you should think about recruitment process outsourcing or using an assessment, regardless of whether you are the only person in your company who has mastered the craft of performing the actual hiring or if you have a lengthy process. An outside firm or assessment might also be useful for accelerating the recruitment process and maintaining candidate interests.

Hiring for More than 2 Positions

Is there just one employee working in your HR department[1]? Does someone in a position of top leadership also handle HR responsibilities? If any of these circumstances are applicable to you and you are filing two or more posts, recruitment process outsourcing may be advantageous. It can engulf a lot of time to hire for various positions, just a few executive positions could easily consume more than 20 hours per week. One choice to think about is to contract with a business to outsource your hiring. Without burdening your managers or your current HR representatives, you can save time and money while still hiring the people you need.

Hired for Special or Technical Role

If your company is looking for technical talent or other specialised role, recruitment process outsourcing makes sense to save you time and to find the right people since these are not actively looking for work and have an estimated zero to three per cent unemployment rate (which some have speculated is voluntary unemployment). You shouldn’t be concerned about the astronomical 20–40% finders’ fees that many agencies levy on you. Choose a focused firm that bills by the hour with capped maximums or has a flat rate of 10% or less.

More than 15 hours or Weekly Recruitment 

Spending more than 15 hours each week on recruitment means you aren’t working on your company operations. It can amount to about 20 weeks of time spent on recruiting in a year. You may reclaim this time and then some by working with a qualified recruiter. Recruitment process Outsourcing can significantly decrease your hiring time because professional recruiters move more quickly.

Lack of Recruiting Message

What message does your company provide to potential employees? Do potential prospects recognise your brand? You must make sure that your organisation has a compelling pitch and a recognisable brand in order to attract great personnel. Is the business a tech startup that hosts beer Fridays and permits dogs in the workplace? Is the client a well-dressed investment firm with the Roll-Royce of all advantages?    

Your company may miss the point with candidates and have difficulty attracting and retaining great personnel if your employer’s brand or recruiting message is not clear and simple. When you contract your hiring, the recruiter or agency should collaborate with you to define your company’s brand message and the type of employee you want on staff in order to avoid wasting your time on a candidate that doesn’t fit their pitch. They will use this information to develop their pitch to candidates.

Hire Applicants

Do you have only time to focus on job applicants who are actively seeking employment? Using a recruiter is a terrific approach to expanding the number of applicants you have available. Candidates who are employed and not vigorously looking for a job are known as passive candidates. These candidates can be excellent hiring because they have a solid work history and want to work for you. They are especially suitable for managerial level positions or higher (versus running away from a bad situation). For clients who prefer to do the outreach and phone screens themselves, recruiters who specialise in outsourcing can offer sourcing services. You’d be surprised at the impact passive candidate sourcing for a profile for 10, 20, or 30 hours can have on the quality of your hire and the applicant’s cultural fit with your business.

Not Utilising Technology to Recruit

You are missing out if you’re still waiting for employee recommendations and resumes to get into your email inbox. Recruiters employ a variety of HR technology that can speed up and improve the hiring process. Outsourcing your recruiting might be a simple approach to improve your hiring procedure, from having your vacancies placed on job boards to gathering a sizable database of suitable prospects.


With the aid of RPO services, begin hiring excellent personnel right away. These are the 10 justifications for outsourcing hiring for businesses and startups. However, even if you don’t have any difficulties when hiring, you can still gain from outsourcing your hiring process to reputable outsourcing recruiting firm to cut expenses and save your valuable time. In simple words, you will have an extended arm that will assist you in quicker and better hiring. We hope that this blog has furnished you with insightful information regarding recruitment process outsourcing. For more information, connect with CorpHR; we will gladly like to assist you in every manner! Our RPO service providers will help you with the recruitment process outsourcing services.

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