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Sales Recruitment Services

  • sales recruitmentTemporary and permanent sales recruitment services
  • Worldwide presenceWorldwide presence
  • sales professionals1.2 Lakh+ readily available sales professionals
  • experienced recruitersA Proficient team of 500+ experienced recruiters with sales recruitment expertise

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Why CorpHR

Hire the Top Sales Function Professionals with us

Sales-Domain Specialists
Sales-Domain Specialists
500+ sales recruitment consultants with a proven hiring record
Real-time Data Access
Real-time Data Access
We provide real-time hiring updates and information to our clients
Database Administration
Database Administration
Our robust candidate database management system can lessen your hiring time
High Rate of Client Retention
High Rate of Client Retention
Our customer retention percentage of 99.2% in the sales business is the highest

Our sales recruitment agency is Placing Competent Sales Personnel

We are a recruitment agency based in India with a presence throughout the world and over 15 years of experience in sales recruitment. We are one of the most well-known and successful agencies for finding top-notch sales personnel. We can find candidates with a history of extraordinary performances and who possess various advanced skill sets. We offer dependable and skilled sales personnel who can achieve sales goals within the anticipated time frame. CorpHR sales recruiting specialists can assist you whether you're looking to hire sales personnel for temporary or permanent positions. We specialise in hiring top-notch sales personnel across all industries because we recognise how essential sales personnel are to the smooth operation of any business.

Delivering the Best Sales Function Staffing Services

That is common knowledge. It can be difficult to go through the candidates because they frequently have a strong sense of self-promotion. In addition, negotiations are harder the better the candidate. Additionally, it is still unclear if you will be able to keep that new skill. There are many choices, and there is always someone prepared to spend more. As a result, the market is overloaded with head-hunters who only trust in the law of large numbers and recruitment companies who value quantity over quality. Getting the right sales function candidates with all the necessary skills for performing well at the workplace is not an easy job. Thus, CorpHR is available to simplify your sales recruitment process. We are able to meet all traditional and non-traditional personnel requirements by utilising our business knowledge and access to a large talent pool to establish a comprehensive set of sales staffing and recruitment solutions across many disciplines. The human resources division is working on a number of staffing projects with a talented group of individuals with a combined 15+ years of experience. This talent pool has the ability to identify people for challenging positions and jobs. Corphr has maintained its strong presence in Noida, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and other areas of India. We also lead the hiring field outside of India thanks to the presence of our international offices in places like Kuwait, Dubai, Malta, Myanmar, Singapore, Poland, Spain, Egypt, Indonesia, and other important business hubs.

  • departmental structureWe consider the departmental structure and apply it to the sales job function after carefully studying the workplace specifications provided by the client. With the use of this departmental structure, businesses may identify the top sales representatives with the necessary skill set to carry out the activities
  • sales recruitment specialistsOur sales recruitment specialists are skilled at locating, analysing, and choosing the best individuals with the required training, experience, and background, as well as picking the most qualified candidates utilising the most exacting and careful procedures.
  • track recordWe have a solid track record of personnel management with our clients as an Indian staffing agency. It provides us with the assurance and credibility we need to collaborate with new companies from every area.

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Banking & Insurance




Mining & Metals

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Our Temporary Sales Recruitment Services Stand Out

The idea behind sales recruiting is to hire individuals for either a short- or long-term sales position. We work to save your valuable hours so that you can concentrate on reaching your sales objectives. We assist you with sales manpower management for all business areas. Our sales recruitment specialists make sure to supply the best people for the necessary amount of time. We have developed competence in managing both short-term and long-term employment, training, and recruitment in response to client expectations.

Employers are hiring job searchers for roles ranging from entry-level to senior management. A number of rules also limit the alternatives for temporary sales and make it more difficult for companies to hire temporary staff. Because our sales recruitment services is a respected recruitment firm that has established itself as a reliable partner in long-term and temporary staffing solutions, you can delegate all the hassles of temporary sales hiring and management to us and focus on your other sales tasks. You have the freedom to invest your limited time and money in more worthy endeavours, thanks to Corphr. Our capacity to select the top candidates for sales placement has improved as a result of our work on various projects and job opportunities in the sales industry. A growing number of companies select our sales recruitment services because of our hiring techniques and data management.

Step-by-step Sales Recruitment Process

We follow a particular process to choose the top candidates for employment. The hiring and employment procedure entails the following to guarantee the best choices:
Step: 1. Creating an Ideal Candidate Profile
We will work with your hiring team to establish your ideal talent expectations, culture fit, employee experience, and sourcing market.
Step: 2. Sales Candidate Headhunting
In order to access both the active and passive talent markets for you, our sales recruiters will spend three times as much time headhunting outstanding sales talent. The diversity of our network increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the process of connecting jobs and individuals. Online job boards, professional networking websites, and online networks are just a few sources we proceed ahead with recruiting candidates.
Step: 3. Screening and choosing the sales candidates
We evaluate the applicants based on a variety of sales abilities and only submit the shortlisted potential in order to reduce the hiring time. In this screening procedure, both in-person interviews and extensive background checks are performed.
Step: 4. Information sharing with the client
We provide the client with the relevant profiles so they can shortlist and assess the applicants for relevance and accuracy.
Step: 5. Improve Your Branding & Employee Engagement
As a firm, we continue to work after a candidate is hired and monitor that employee's performance to ensure that we are providing you with the finest service possible. It is our responsibility to actively comprehend the candidate's professional goals in order to enhance your brand and candidate experience. We have known from the beginning that as the market grows, other problems with sales and hiring arise. So we always introduce new screening techniques and approaches to choose qualified individuals!

Most Efficient Payroll Services

Payroll services have been a vital part of sales recruitment services. Our recruitment firm provides third-party payroll services to both major and small businesses. Our hiring team concentrates on finding candidates for third-party payroll.

Our sales recruiting services cover the following areas:

Simple staffing process improvements include:
  • onboarding procedureA quick onboarding procedure
  • knowledgeable sales expertsOur knowledgeable sales experts will analyse and assess your sales needs to determine what is required.
  • sales recruitingFast sales recruiting requires easy access to data.
  • sales executivesSince we are compliance and ethics specialists and the top sales executives of the greatest employment agency, you don't need to be concerned about rules, policies, laws, or penalties.
  • staffing agencyCustomization of your needs; being the greatest staffing agency in India, we provide solutions made to fit your unique needs.
Functionality and Sustainability in Practice:
  • sales employment tacticOpen and honest sales employment tactics
  • time framesClearly stated objectives and time frames
  • KPIs and SLAsSignificant Aspects in Light are KPIs and SLAs.
Sales recruitment for standard compliance and quality control:
  • employment companyAs the top employment company, we take part in background checks to ensure better placement.
  • online databasesSearching online databases
  • sales prospect trackingExcellent sales prospect tracking
  • Training and reportingTraining and reporting
  • in-person interviewsSeries of in-person interviews
The workforce is changing:
  • sales recruitment servicesInnovative sales recruitment services
  • sales personnelQuick access to highly qualified sales personnel
  • Increased flexibilityIncreased flexibility
  • Workforce career managementWorkforce career management
Services for temporary sales recruitment:
  • sales hiresIncrease workplace spirit and produce big sales hires.
  • effective methodA straightforward and effective method.
  • candidate benefitBoth the organisation and the candidate benefit from the situation.
  • temporary sales personnelWe offer skilled temporary sales personnel
Recruitment services for permanent sales:
  • fresh perspectivesWe provide knowledge, wisdom, and fresh perspectives.
  • suitable candidate for the salesThe most suitable candidate for the sales role
  • employment optionsOffering a variety of levels and complexity of employment options; - systematic sales process

Senior, Middle & Entry Level Hiring: Sales Recruitment Services

When it comes to filling sales function positions in companies across all sectors, Corphr has positioned itself as the most reliable recruitment agency. We can assist you in discovering an excellent resource, a qualified sales professional with decades or years of experience, or a sales team for your company.

At Corphr, we ensure that we play a significant role in both permanent and contractual hiring. Besides this, we have proved our mettle in executive search. We have supplied manpower to a wide range of sectors such as IT, real estate, Energy, manufacturing, Textile, FMCG, etc. Sales professionals provided by us have established themselves in their respective companies, and a major chunk of resources associated with the sales domain spent 3+ years in a single organization.

Executive Search:
Candidates at top levels are placed in both permanent as well as contract roles by our efficient team of executive search specialists. We can meet your executive recruitment demands in less time; credit goes to our vast network of sales specialists, including the Sales Director, Sales Vice-President, etc., from various regions.
Mid-level Hiring:
The recruitment consultants at Corphr recruit for a wide range of mid-level sales positions such as Sales Manager, Branch Manager, Assistant Sales Manager, Sales Development Representative, etc.
Permanent Sales Function Hiring:
From entry-level to senior-level positions, we recruit for a wide array of permanent positions in the sales domain. As an established sales recruitment firm, we have strong ties to skilled sales professionals showcasing their potential across India.
Contracting & Temporary Sales Positions:
We hire top-notch sales professionals for long- and short-term positions on a regular basis as we are blessed with a group of sales hiring experts. These opportunities provide numerous merits, entailing the best applicants for your business venture, a chance to widen the horizon of your network and profit and, in several cases, a stepping stone to a future full of hope and light.

Hire Top Sales Experts with our Sales Recruitment Services

Searching for your new director of sales or sales manager? CorpHR can be your helping hand. We can assist you whether you are a large, well-established B2B international organisation with several open sales roles, a smaller B2C start-up seeking a VP of Sales, or anything in between. To assist you in filling mid- to senior-level roles, we work with businesses of all sizes and across sectors to identify the top sales experts available. Whether it be for general sales managers, managing directors, or field sales, we understand your hiring demands. We recognise how crucial it is to make the proper recruiting decisions because a capable salesperson is a core part of your company. Since many of our recruiters have experience in the sales industry, they can quickly evaluate your hiring requirements and which salespeople possess the hard and soft skills necessary to be successful in a position. At CorpHR, we combine our local offices' extensive local knowledge with a global network of contacts, including businesses and sales experts.
Step: 1. Hire the skills you need to hit your sales goals:
93.8% of the individuals we hired achieved their respective companies' sales goals.
Step: 2. Reduce the turn-around time:
Working with B2B sales recruiting organisations requires speed. We promise to cut the time spent on sales hiring by 40%
Step: 3. Target a bigger applicant pool:
Due to our previous experience with numerous B2B organisations, we have access to a pool of both active and passive candidates.

We provide Sales Recruitment Services for the following job roles:

Director- Sales

Vice President- Sales

National Sales Coordinator

Sales Manager

Assistant Sales Manager

Branch Manager

General Manager


Regional Sales Manager

Sales Administrators

Sales Representatives

Business Development Executive

Sales Assistant

Sales Associate



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