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  • World-classWorld-class Permanent/Temporary Staffing Services
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Why Corphr?

Hire the Best Next-Gen Workforce with Us

Experienced HR Professionals
Experienced HR Professionals
A team of recruitment experts with 15+ years of Global Hiring Experience.
Database Management
Database Management
Reduce your time-to-hire as we are a pioneer in candidate database management
High Client Retention Rate
High Client Retention Rate
Our client retention rate of 99.2% is the highest in the HR industry, all thanks to our top recruiters
Unparalleled Integrity and Commitment
Unparalleled Integrity and Commitment
Our dedication and commitment help clients achieve their business goals in no time

Gained Acclaim as a Staffing Solutions Company

Corphr is a renowned provider of staffing solutions in India. You may rely on us to identify qualified people for your company. We understand how critical it is to find the perfect employees with the necessary capabilities to add to the organization's success. Finding capable personnel is never simple, whether you run a small firm or a major corporation with its own talent department. We provide a quality workforce, so you can completely rely on us to fulfil your staffing and recruitment requirements!

We Leave no Stone Unturned in Delivering Best Staffing Services

Organizations must adapt to new technology and best practices in this market if they want to hire and manage workforce solutions.

Corphr has emerged as one of the major industry players in terms of providing staffing solutions and recruitment services to PAN India and also on a global level. We are offering a variety of staffing solutions that are especially customised to the requirements of our clients and their particular sectors. Utilizing our business experience and access to a big talent pool, we have a comprehensive set of recruitment and staffing solutions covering several disciplines that can meet all traditional and non-traditional employee requirements. We have a talented group of people that have a combined 15+ years of expertise working on various staffing projects in the human resources division. This talent pool is capable of finding candidates for difficult openings and jobs. Corphr. Our offices are located in Noida, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and other parts of India. Also, we are leading the hiring game outside India as our International offices are located in Indonesia, Egypt, Spain, Poland, Singapore, Myanmar, Malta, Dubai, Kuwait, and other global business destinations.

As an Indian staffing agency, we have a proven track record of staffing management with our clients. We worked with clients from various industries, including IT, FMCG, consumer goods, consulting, retail, and telecommunications. It gives us the credibility and assurance we need to cooperate with new businesses from each and every sector.

After carefully examining the workplace requirements provided by the client, we take into account the departmental framework and apply it to the job role. With the help of this departmental framework, companies can find the best resource with the required skill set to complete specific tasks.

Our staffing experts are skilled at selecting the most qualified candidates using the most precise and meticulous methods and finding, evaluating, and selecting the best candidates with the necessary training, experience, and background.

  • StaffingOur Staffing Experts are proficient at using the most contingent and meticulous techniques of shortlisting applicants, identifying, assessing, and choosing appropriate resources with the required expertise, orientation, and background.
  • considerWe consider the departmental framework and apply it to the job role after carefully analyzing the client's workplace criteria. This departmental framework helps them identify the best resource with the right expertise set to meet the work specifications.
  • trackOur track record in staffing management with our clients proves our reliability as a staffing agency in India. We have clients from diverse sectors like IT, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Consulting, Retail, Telecom, and more. It provides us credibility and confidence to work with new organizations across every industry.

Blooming Industries Served by Us


Banking & Insurance









Healthcare and life science

Production &Manufacturing

Aviation and Aerospace

Mining and Metals

Advertising &Media

Our Temporary Staffing Solutions

The concept of Staffing management revolves around hiring people for a certain position for a short- or long-term period of time. We help you with manpower management for all the verticals, and we strive to save your precious time so that you can focus on accomplishing your business goals. Our recruitment consultants ensure the delivery of the right talent for the required duration.

We have attained expertise in handling contractual hiring as well as long-term employment, training, and recruitment in accordance with the demands of the clients.

Corphr gives you the freedom to devote your limited resources and time to more worthwhile things. We have evolved by working on several job opportunities and staffing projects is the ability to choose the best applicants for employee placement. More and more businesses are choosing our staffing solutions in India due to the rising talent need and advancement of technology.

From entry-level positions to senior management, employers are hiring job seekers. Additionally, a number of laws restrict temporary staffing options and make it more challenging for businesses to hire temporary workers. You can leave all the headaches of temporary hiring and management on us and concentrate on your projects because our staffing company is a reputable human resource company that has established itself as a trustworthy partner in long-term and temporary staffing solutions.

Step-by-step Staffing Process

To hire the best applicants, we follow a specific procedure. To ensure the optimum choices, the hiring and employment process involves:
Step: 1 Finding the qualified candidates
This is the initial stage in our process to find capable hands from diverse sources. Our network's diversity makes the process of connecting jobs and candidates more efficient and effective. We hire people from a variety of places, including online job boards, professional networking sites, and online networks.
Step 2: Selecting and Screening
Following the selection of the ideal individuals, we shortlist them and maintain their profiles in light of their qualifications, experience, and potential. Face-to-face interviews and thorough background checks are both used in this screening process.
Step 3: Providing the client with information
The last stage is sending the clients the pertinent profiles so they may shortlist and evaluate the candidates for relevance and accuracy.
Step 4: Constant observation:
As a staffing firm, we don't stop working once a candidate is placed; instead, we keep an eye on that employee's performance to make sure we're giving you the best service possible.

Since the beginning, we have recognised that the issues associated with HR and recruitment change as the market expands. Therefore, in order to select competent individuals, we always add new tactics and screening procedures!

Payroll Services

A crucial component of human resource services for hiring has been payroll services. Both large corporations and small enterprises receive third-party payroll services from our employment firm. We have a hiring team that focuses on recruiting for third-party payroll.

Our staffing company is engrossed in the following:

Competency review and assessment under staffing
  • Creating jobCreating job descriptions that are ideal for a profile's roles and responsibilities.
  • Candidate evaluationCandidate evaluation.
  • Efficient evaluationEfficient evaluation.
  • Technical interview roundsTechnical interview rounds.
Assessment and Management of Resource Staffing
  • Manpower mappingManpower mapping.
  • Evaluation of requirementsEvaluation of requirements.
  • AnalysisAnalysis of the strategy and cost optimization.
Simple Staffing Process Solutions
  • simple onboardingA simple onboarding procedure.
  • analysis approachBy using an evaluation and analysis approach, our professional team will determine your workforce needs.
  • quick hiringData accessibility is essential for quick hiring.
  • staffing agencyYou don't need to be concerned about rules, policies, laws, or penalties because we, the executives of the finest staffing agency, are compliance management professionals.
  • A simplePersonalization of your requirements; as the top staffing company, we provide solutions, especially for your particular needs.
Staffing for Quality Control and Compliance with Standards
  • staffing companyAs the top staffing company, we participate in background checks for better placement.
  • digital materialsexamining digital materials.
  • applicant trackingexcellent applicant tracking.
  • reporting and trainingreporting and training.
  • in-person interviewsround of in-person interviews.
Incorporating Operational Excellence
  • Plans for employmentPlans for employment are transparent.
  • Clear deadlinesClear deadlines and objectives.
  • KPIs and SLAsA list of KPIs and SLAs is always prepared.
Optimizing Employee Experience in Staffing Solutions
  • instruction and orientationclear instruction and orientation.
  • employee complaints management of employee complaints.
  • Feedback and dialogueFeedback and dialogue.
  • administration of changeadministration of change.

Hire Top Talent with Ease with Corphr Staffing Solutions

Many human resource firms with operations in India lack the expertise, facilities, and personnel to produce the needed outcomes. We have the means and people to supply skilled and qualified experts since Corphr executives have mastered the art of finding and employing workers in challenging circumstances. Many firms find it difficult to staff and place employees. It requires your time and finances. In India, we are the rulers in staffing outsourcing. Our highly qualified staffing specialists are dedicated to locating the best candidates for you. By refocusing their resources on tasks that will generate money for their businesses, our staffing and recruiting process services have helped our clients experience unprecedented growth.
We can establish a localized cultural connection with the businesses who are looking to hire and with the workforce because we have offices across India. We have a track record of providing outsourcing employment solutions at a reasonable price. Our staffing process handles a variety of hiring-related tasks, including interviewing candidates based on their credentials, advertising, and shortlisting.
Client-centric Model:
As the finest staffing company, we dedicate our full attention—even though it requires going above and beyond—to developing successful solutions for our clients.
Our highly qualified team is here to offer solid payroll service, recruitment outsourcing services, and has a wide range of technical expertise and is ready to satisfy all of your demands.
Our staffing firm's professionals work closely with our clients to ensure quality support and a long-term partnership. We are direct and open in our commitment to you.
Reliability Factor:
As the finest staffing company, we are fully committed to providing technically better and most efficient solutions to our clients by hiring the best team and putting best practices into place.

We provide Staffing Solutions for the following job roles for job seekers

  • CXO level CEOCXO level CEO, CTO, CFO & CM
  • Vertical DirectorVertical Director
  • Marketing HeadMarketing Head
  • Senior ManagerSenior Manager
  • Finance ManagerFinance Manager
  • Software DeveloperAll types of Software Developer
  • Product managerProduct manager
  • Media ManagerMedia Manager
  • Business AnalystBusiness Analyst
  • IT positionsAll IT positions
  • all professionalsEngineers & all professionals

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