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Statutory Compliance Services

  • End-to-end Get your Compliance Risks Reduced by 50%
  • Reduction A Team of 200+ Dedicated Compliance Experts
  • Creating Our Statutory Compliance Services ensure the elimination of Costly Penalties
  • RecruitersHelp your Company to be 100% statutory compliant

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Why Corphr?

5200+ Companies became 100% Statutory Compliant with ourStatutory Compliance Services

Compliance Experts
A proficient team of compliance experts with impeccable capabilities
Audit of Labour Law Compliance
Preparation of a detailed audit report on labour law compliance and analysis of audit findings
Compliance with Statutory Requirements
Maintenance of Required Documentation, Meeting payment and return filing deadlines
High Client Retention Rate
With a client retention rate of 99.2%, we are leaving an impact

We Earned the Reputation of the No.1 Provider of Statutory Compliance Services

Are you looking for a group of resources that can meet all of your statutory compliance needs? Hiring a knowledgeable and professional statutory compliance service provider to handle your statutory compliance needs would be your best choice. One such business that offers statutory compliance services and may fulfil all of your demands is CorpHR. We have some of the most knowledgeable and accomplished statutory compliance specialists who can meet all of your business compliance needs. With a wide range of end-to-end services such as compliance audit, maintenance of statutory registers, notices and returns, records, computation of monthly ESI and PF contribution and report generation, calculation & deduction of statutory dues, compilation as well as the processing of employee’s documents for the purpose of registration, withdrawal, nomination transfer, pension submissions, claim request management by using personalized dashboards, Timely tax filing, and other services under our roof, we are labelled as the No.1 provider of statutory compliance services.

We Make Every Effort to Offer the Best Statutory Compliance Services

Due to the constantly evolving nature of labour laws, many firms frequently ignore the significance of statutory compliances or neglect to keep themselves informed of new developments. Penalties, fines, and protracted legal proceedings may result from such errors. Numerous enterprises in India have been seen to disregard legal requirements, such as missing deadlines for payments and return filing, failing to maintain necessary documentation, and failing to follow instructions outlined in the relevant statute. At Corphr, we are aware of the difficulties enterprises face in complying with legal duties, the investments and devoted resources required for doing so, and the pain points in the event of mistakes. To eliminate even the slightest risk of penalties resulting from lawsuits, we employ the best methods. Our statutory compliance services are intended to meet all of these needs and help your company fully comply with all applicable laws. At Corphr, we have a committed group of experts who manage the statutory compliance requirements of modern-day businesses. To ensure that the organisation does not violate any labour law requirement, compliance management, in and of itself, is a very difficult process that calls for dedicated staff. No matter what industry you work in or how big your company is, CorpHR is your go-to partner for statutory compliance management.

  • global market We have highly qualified auditors who not only perform their duty but also keep up with the latest laws, rules, and regulations. We frequently provide internal coaching to our staff members on compliance procedures and legal requirements.
  • database of candidates As part of our statutory compliance services, we have the propensity to ensure government rules and regulations owing to the strict moral and ethical standards that CorpHR applies to any operations. Our staff members have received compliance training.
  • innovative candidates Manage payroll compliance, including management of Provident Funds, ESIC, professional taxes, and Labour Welfare Funds. Along with labour compliance, we also ensure that you abide by the Shops Act requirements.

Industries that are Blessed with our Services

Banking & Insurance











Healthcare and life science

Production & Manufacturing

Aviation and Aerospace

Mining and Metals

Advertising & Media

Our Statutory Compliance Services can Fuel Business Growth

As you can see, numerous labour-related regulations and Acts apply, and these are frequently updated. As they stand, each is complicated and requires legal knowledge to comprehend. Additionally, it's important to remember the most recent changes. The most recent minimum wage rates must be kept up to date, and one must follow both State and Central Acts and Rules. All of these are out of the question for business owners, and hiring a legal specialist on staff is difficult. It's less expensive and guarantees complete statutory compliance with all Acts that apply to that business when compliance services are outsourced.

Startups will experience the same difficulties as established businesses if they are already dealing with other problems. In both situations, outsourcing compliance services to a competent firm ensures flawless implementation of the necessary procedures and registrations to protect the company from legal action. A business owner may not be aware of some exemptions provided by certain acts and laws, but the service provider will make them clear to him. Keep in mind that government agencies will issue notices very away if they have a good reason to. Anytime an inspector visits the property, they may identify issues that result in fines. We have a team of committed and experienced statutory compliance service experts that keep pace with new advancements and changing laws.

Statutory Compliance Process

When it comes to end-to-end statutory compliance services, CorpHR practises openness and makes sure to provide clients with the finest experience possible. Corphr has 15+ years of experience in terms of providing legal and statutory compliance services. Our staff members are knowledgeable about all business-related laws and regulations. We make sure that your company is 100% compatible with internal governance and legal compliance because regulations differ from state to state. We keep timely, accurate records to support our strong compliance practices.

Comprehend the Demand
  • Multiple Job DescriptionsTo comprehend the demand, we work together with the business executive.
Compliance Records
  • hiring processTo check if the current compliances are met, we ask for compliance records.The project will only be given to compliance experts who have the required credentials.
Statutory Conformity
  • IT recruitment agency If there are any areas of non-compliance, we offer assistance in resolving the problem and guaranteeing statutory conformity.
  • potential candidatesTo assure accuracy, we audit post-compliance records.
Project Approval
  • recruiting solutionsReports will be filed, and the project will be approved.

Payroll Services

The payroll compliance service provided by CorpHR makes sure that salaries are calculated correctly and prepared for prompt payment. Paying wages accurately and on time presents the company or organisation in a positive light to its employees, who are therefore inspired to work as hard as they can.

Statutory Compliance Services We Offer Expertise In:

Audit of Statutory Compliance
  • job descriptions Analysing the level of compliance and current processes while evaluating and auditing the client's statutory records.
  • candidate knowledge Contractor compliance evaluation and audit.
  • systematic evaluation Pointing out errors and recommending solutions.
  • Technical interviewConduct regular record reviews and establish an audit trail.
Resource Staffing Analysis & Management
  • Evaluation of needs Evaluation of needs
  • Manpower mappingManpower mapping.
  • cost optimization AnalysisStrategy and cost optimization Analysis
Management of Statutory Compliance
  • employment plansCalculating statutory liabilities and creating payment Challan.
  • Timelines and goalsReports and returns must be submitted monthly, quarterly, and annually.
  • KPIs and SLAs Upkeep of statutory records, registers, forms, and other items required by numerous Acts.
Business Tax Management
  • recruitment agency Verification of slab rates according to location and eligibility requirements for PT Register Validation.
  • application tracking system Creation of online challans as necessary.
Sending a PT Cheque
  • onboarding procedureManagement of the Labour Welfare Fund: Verifying slab rates according to locations and eligibility; generating challans and reports by state regulations.
  • analysis approach Transfer of the LWF check.
ESIC Management
  • Hiring plansESIC Register Validation
  • hiring goals ESIC, eligibility, and remittance information computation.
  • KPIs and SLAsCreating a Challan and preparing and uploading online data.
  • KPIs and SLAsProducing an Insurance Number
  • KPIs and SLAsClaims Processing for ESIC
  • KPIs and SLAsCoordinating with the ESIC Department
Benefits of Outsourcing Compliance-related Tasks
  • instructions and orientationAccessibility of compliance knowledge and services
  • employee issuesAllows businesses to concentrate more on their strategic and core operations.
  • administration of changeCommitment to deadlines outlined in applicable laws; avoidance of expenses like fines and penalties related to delays.
  • critical feedbackVendor compliance monitoring, transparency assurance and avoidance of any compliance lapses.
  • critical feedbackThorough examination and maintenance of all statutory records as required by applicable law.

Statutory Compliance Services in India

CorpHR statutory compliance services are just what companies require to improve their management and effectiveness. A business owner or management team can completely concentrate on managing the firm and ensuring its success by delegating to CorpHR the responsibility of taking care of every item on the statutory requirements checklist. A business or organisation is vulnerable to compliance risk if it does not exercise caution. Why should you consider outsourcing your needs for statutory compliance services? Several laws and norms govern the world of business. The central and state governments have both established laws and regulations, which is the cherry on top. Due to decisions made by the government, these are also likely to alter occasionally. Our entire team is knowledgeable and skilled in the area of compliance. In addition to having experience, the team members are familiar with the most recent developments in this important field. Experience and knowledge of the most recent information translate into full value and are an advantage for any business or organisation in a constantly changing environment. Highly competent and efficient auditors on our team continuously monitor your work. And to top it all off, we train our employees internally consistently and vigorously, which results in excellent service for all our clients. No detail of your compliance requirements or needs is overlooked thanks to our wide range of services, which include compliance audit, gap analysis, solution recommendations, registrations, renewals, and records management. We also handle closures, maintaining digital registers, communicating with relevant authorities, submitting forms, and remittances. We update and deliver reports on a regular and timely basis by combining all of them.
Saving money on labour and overhead
Centralised Maintenance System:
Centralised data backup and data security & Seamless communication with the stakeholders
Modifications under Labour Laws:
Information on modifications to and notifications under various labour laws across the nation
Decision-Making :
Legal guidance on labour laws to assist management in decision-making

Latest Checklist for Statutory Compliance - The Acts we Cover

The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965

The Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970

The Child Labour (Prohibition & Regulation Act), 1986

The Industrial Disputes Act, 1947

The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972

The Industrial Employment Standing Orders Act, 1946

The Equal Remuneration Act, 1976

The Employee Compensation Act, 1923

Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013

The Factories Act, 1948

Shop and Establishment Act

The Minimum Wages Act, 1948

The Payment of Wages Act, 1936

The Apprentices Act, 1961

Other Acts



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