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Gained Global Acclaim for Providing Best Manpower Outsourcing Services

CorpHR offers comprehensive process handling knowledge. Whether it's a short-term project or a long-term business need, our HR team will only offer the best, most qualified people to meet your organization's requirements. For all of your business demands, our major goal is to offer skilled and knowledgeable professionals. In the past, we have successfully and efficiently met the hiring demands of renowned firms. We stick to a policy of complete trust and growth using the most recent equipment and HR recruitment software. With our manpower outsourcing services, your business can sustain productivity.

No More worries, India’s Best Manpower Agency is here to serve you

The business market is becoming more competitive every day, which changes how much labour a company needs. One of the finest strategies to control your company's performance and deliver the highest-quality projects is by outsourcing your people. In India, CorpHR is a distinctive and well-known provider of manpower outsourcing services. Due to the versatility of our employees, we can ensure complete support on our end. We merely provide the labour and attend to the demands of the client. We are trying to establish long-term relationships while making the sale worthwhile at any cost. We will assist your company in all ways possible to hire candidates depending on your needs and preferences when it comes to outsourcing manpower.

We are one of India's leading companies for outsourcing labour. For all processes outsourcing needs, CorpHR provides a single point of contact. Our top focus is cost efficiency, from field sourcing to producing productivity reports. We provide a variety of employment services, such as contract-to-hire and temporary-to-permanent recruitment. We have proved our worth and built goodwill in the craft of finding the right fit, thanks to our team of highly experienced recruitment experts. We look for applicants using a solid database that has been created over time through headhunting, social networking sites, job portals, and other approaches. Our offices are located in Noida, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and other parts of India. Also, we are leading the hiring game outside India as our International offices are located in Indonesia, Egypt, Spain, Poland, Singapore, Myanmar, Malta, Dubai, Kuwait, and other global business marketplaces.

  • manpowerWe collaborate closely with you to comprehend your company's needs pertaining to manpower. Our skilled professionals assist you with dedicated workers in a variety of specialities and industries. We work hard to keep the most valuable employees who can easily adjust to the demanding new conditions that arise every day.
  • manpower outsourcing serviceAdditionally, we provide our clients with solutions that improve the value of their companies. Our manpower outsourcing services are always centred on finding the best candidates with in-depth knowledge and competence who would be the organization's first pick.
  • talent acquisitionOur top-notch manpower outsourcing services will do wonders for you; we'll help you save time and money, has access to talent acquisition experience, and see your company setting a new benchmark in the competitive space.

Key Industries we serve

Banking and Insurance






Advertising and Media




Healthcare and Life Science

Mining and Metals

Aeroplanes and Aviation




Our Temporary Manpower Outsourcing Services

Compared to the manpower market a few years ago, the dynamics and requirements of the workplace have radically changed. To handle the ups along with the unpredictable downs of the industry's needs, businesses frequently need trained personnel. Temporary staffing is a better answer in these situations. When working on projects that demand more assistance without long-term commitments, organisations take temporary staffing into consideration. This helps the business become more responsive to market demands while also making it simple and hassle-free to manage employee compliance. Additionally, the introduction of temporary workers is known to raise workplace morale and frequently results in hiring meaningful decisions.

Offering temporary staffing solutions is a straightforward process at CorpHR. Given the widespread need for temporary workers, temporary staffing services are necessary for all industries. Because we are aware that the skill sets needed for each area vary, we thus create teams with sector-specific knowledge. Depending on the industry they represent, these variables aid us in identifying the ideal applicant. Our service meets the requirements of organisations of various sizes, including their need for individuals with the necessary training and credentials. You can count on our manpower outsourcing services, as we are here to identify the ideal candidates for your company's needs.

Manpower Outsourcing Services: Step-by-Step Process

To hire the best applicants, we follow a specific procedure. To ensure the optimum choices, the hiring and employment process involves:
Step: 1. Finding qualified candidates
This is the first step in our approach to identifying qualified individuals from a variety of sources. The diversity of our network increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the process of matching jobs and individuals. Online job boards, professional networking websites, and online networks are just a few of the venues we recruit candidates from.
Step: 2. Selection and screening
After choosing the right candidates, we shortlist them and keep track of their profiles based on their credentials, experience, and potential. In this screening procedure, both in-person interviews and extensive background checks are performed.
Step: 3. Informational exchange with the client
The final step is to deliver the clients the necessary profiles so they can shortlist and assess the applicants for correctness and relevance.
Step: 4. Constant observation
When a candidate is hired, our staffing company doesn't stop working; instead, we continue to monitor that employee's performance to ensure that we're providing you with the greatest service possible.
We utilize a distinct approach to choosing the candidates, which involves a thorough assessment of their aptitude and skill. At the same time, we make sure the applicant is physically fit for the position. Before choosing the candidates, we keep in mind the precise requirements of the clients.

Payroll Services

Payroll services have emerged as a crucial component of human resource services for hire. We have expertise in offering payroll administration to a third party with payroll processing knowledge. Manage a variety of tasks, including managing leaves of absence, calculating PF and income taxes, and depositing net pay directly into employees' bank accounts.

Our Manpower Outsourcing Services revolve around the following:

An Upward Trend in Staffing Solutions
  • Administration experienceAdministration experience
  • understanding and orientationClear understanding and orientation
  • employee grievancesHandling of employee grievances
  • Regular feedbackRegular feedback and communication
Operational Excellence Integration
  • Transparent employment plansTransparent employment plans
  • deadlines and goalsDistinct deadlines and goals
  • lists of KPIsConsistently created lists of KPIs and SLAs
Staffing for Standard Compliance and Quality Control
  • leading staffing firmWe participate in background checks as the leading staffing firm for better placement
  • person interviewsA round of in-person interviews
  • digital materialsStructural Reviewing of digital materials
  • Outstanding applicant trackingOutstanding applicant tracking
  • Reporting and trainingReporting and training
Simple solutions for the staffing process
  • onboarding selectionA straightforward procedure for onboarding selection.
  • qualified teamOur qualified team will identify your workforce needs by employing an evaluation and analysis technique.
  • speedy recruitingFor speedy recruiting, data accessibility plays a significant role.
  • compliance management expertsWe, the leaders of the best employment agency, are compliance management experts, so you don't have to worry about following rules, regulations, or laws or face penalties.
  • outsourcing agencyPersonalisation of your demands; as the best outsourcing agency, we offer solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements.
Evaluation and Management of Resource Staffing
  • Manpower mappingManpower mapping
  • Assessment of the requirementsAssessment of the requirements
  • Cost optimizationCost optimization and strategy analysis
Competency Evaluation and Assessment in Staffing
  • Creating jobCreating job descriptions that are ideal for a profile's functions and responsibilities.
  • Candidate assessmentCandidate assessment
  • Effective AnalysisEffective Analysis & Control
  • technical interviewsRounds of technical interviews

Less Explored Benefits of Manpower Outsourcing Services

Manpower outsourcing stands for a practice in which a firm or a business house strikes a cordial agreement with an external manpower service-based company to meet the demand for skilled & efficient human resources to accomplish a wide range of tasks. It is a process through which you can streamline and give pace to the operations of your business venture and, in return, get a significant boost in terms of performance. The requirements of the corporate sector can be fulfilled by manpower outsourcing function. A major chunk of companies prefers outsourcing these days as it plays a critical role in the reduction of the overall project cost. It is usually conducted when major corporate giants, government agencies, and public sector companies need talented resources for the completion of a specific assignment or project and don’t wish to bring new candidates on board for short-term projects.

As a manpower outsourcing service provider, we take your firm’s preferences and working strategies into account. We believe that achieving goals is impossible without proper knowledge about the requirements of the clients and their expectations. We have provided manpower outsourcing services to 300+ multinational corporations and International companies, and still, we feel that we can do a lot more in this segment of recruitment.

The benefits of manpower outsourcing services are mentioned below-

  • Corporate houses=Corporate houses and companies can minimize their long-term liabilities
  • employmentExpenses related to employment can be reduced through these services
  • staffing solutionsGet appropriate staffing solutions at affordable rates in the market
  • valuable timeThis practice plays a substantial role in saving your valuable time
  • reduction in workloadThe power of delegation ensures a reduction in workload
  • work processEnsure smooth operations without hampering the work process
  • flexibilityThese services offer convenience and flexibility up to a great extent
  • Business goalsBusiness goals can be accomplished effortlessly

Our Manpower Outsourcing Services Makes It Simple to Hire Top Workers

With the help of a team of elite professionals, a well-maintained resume database, and recruitment services, we have sculpted out a place for ourselves in the market. Effective and efficient manpower is essential to the success of every organisation. We pride ourselves on offering our clients top-notch manpower outsourcing services within the allotted time limit. The need for labour is growing daily as a result of the enormous industrial sector expansion. We have so far provided services for a wide range of industries, such as banking and finance, real estate, health care, petrochemical, IT, hospitality, retail warehousing, and other major industries.

Due to the wide range of manpower contract staffing services options, the company is obligated to provide quality manpower outsourcing services. We are aware of our client's needs and their desire to accomplish business objectives. Our organisation is client-focused, and our policies are built in strategic planning. You and your company will receive the best possible business solution by working with CorpHR. We employ a distinct technique for choosing candidates, which involves a thorough assessment of their aptitude and skill. At the same time, we make sure the applicant is physically qualified for the role. Before choosing the candidates, we keep in mind the precise requirements of the clients.

Our long-term manpower outsourcing services:
A well-organized, long-term recruitment strategy requires cross-departmental cooperation. At CorpHR, we streamline each department's individual processes and implement a strategy that anticipates a skills backup for as many positions as possible.
Dealing with demographic and workforce changes:
We put up a strategic planning process that enables you to foresee a number of changes and get ready for them.
Cost reduction:
You may organise your hiring processes, control staff turnover, and boost productivity with the help of our strategic manpower planning.
Services for Strengthening Your Manpower:
We research the requirements of our clients and offer scalable and adaptable workforce solutions. Our cutting-edge, tech-enabled manpower outsourcing services, which we provide as your staffing agency, help you locate the best candidates and manage your manpower effectively, increasing productivity and lowering employee turnover.

We provide capable resources for the following job roles:

CXO level positions

Vertical Director

Marketing Head

Senior Manager

Finance Manager

All types of Software Developer

Product Manager

Media Manager

Retail Associate

Business Analyst


Sales Representatives

Business Development Executive

All IT positions

Engineers & all professionals


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