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Candidate Verification Services

  • End-to-end digitallyEnd-to-end digitally powered candidate verification solutions
  • Reduce the riskReduce the risk of mis-hires by 93.8%
  • conducted successfully3,50,000+ checks conducted successfully
  • experienced verifiersA team of experienced verifiers with 15+ Years of experience

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Enhance your hiring process with our top candidate verification solutions
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Comprehensive candidate background verification services at a low cost
Database Administration
Timely Delivery of Reports
The use of Technological tools ensures the swift delivery of verification reports
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Fastest Turnaround Time
Turnaround time is faster than 98% of the competitors in the market

Stay Ahead of your Competitors with our Candidate Verification Services

In India, Corphr has emerged as the No.1 candidate verification service provider. You may count on us to find qualified and honest candidates for your business. We are aware of how noteworthy it is to verify the background of ideal candidates who possess the skills required to contribute to the expansion & progress of the company. No matter whether you manage a tiny business or a large organisation with a talent-packed department, finding qualified employees is never easy. You may fully rely on us to verify your candidates because we are blessed with a quality crew!

Empowering your Business Venture with High-quality Candidates

People make up a company. Their moral character determines how well-known your company is in the marketplace. It is paramount to make sure that one is hired only after adequate verification, given the numerous reports of resume fabrication and misrepresentation. A bad hiring choice has an impact on the business and can have negative effects, including intellectual property theft, sensitive information leakage, resource misuse, or questionable behaviour. All of the aforementioned elements highlight the critical requirement for thorough Candidate Background Verification services to reduce these risks and guarantee data integrity and intellectual property at all stages of a company's value chain.

CorpHR is a leader in this ecosystem. We provide end-to-end and seamless applicant verification services by leveraging our two decades of industry experience, in-depth knowledge, and cutting-edge technology. We collaborate with clients in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, business process outsourcing, retail, and financial services. At CorpHR, we have combined expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide several tools that are helpful to all the major players in the background check process. We use these tools to provide trustworthy and open verification services. When you hire someone for your business, you entrust that individual with a great deal of responsibility and resources. We carry out a complete background check to make sure you select someone who is a perfect fit for the job. Within 48 hours, we deliver reports on personnel backgrounds. Therefore, if you are screening applicants, you can obtain the whole report before setting up the last round of interviews. Our team is renowned for providing the most thorough and timely reports on applicant backgrounds. Our background check service for employees is comprehensive. We thoroughly investigate every aspect, including prior work, credit history, family history, education, and skills. Additionally, we authenticate papers.

  • background checks for employeesAs industry pioneers in background checks for employees, we undertake efficient and cutting-edge background checks to lower workplace fraud, violence, and theft and so contribute to the fabrication of a safe and secure workplace. An organisation that uses careless hiring procedures runs the danger of suffering permanent legal, financial, and reputational harm.
  • concealed criminal historiesThe selection of individuals who may have concealed criminal histories, lied about their qualifications or even submitted phoney mark sheets and certificates is eliminated by a thorough employee background check. We perform extensive database checks and on-the-ground investigations to verify the claims made by your employees so you can be completely assured you're getting the best applicant. We want to strengthen recruiting practices at businesses and give them more influence.
  • candidate verification agencies in IndiaAs one of the most reliable and well-known candidate verification agencies in India, CorpHR creates trustworthy and legal personnel screening systems for businesses across all industries to protect them from the legal consequences of bad hiring practices.

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Healthcare & life science

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Avoid Future Hassles and Pains with our Candidate Verification Services

Small firms that stand to lose significantly from a poor hiring decision might also benefit from Candidate Verification. Employing a person with a criminal history in the wrong way might endanger co-workers and permanently shutter a small firm. If candidates exaggerate their background and credentials, they might have trouble carrying out the tasks for which they were employed, which could cost you additional money in training. We at CorpHR have unique programmes for smaller enterprises in addition to serving huge corporations. Background checks and employee screening are essential for a business's success and reputation. Companies must be careful when employing employees because they are essential to any organisation. A dishonest and unfaithful employee could damage the company's reputation in addition to engaging in fraudulent and theft-related actions, which could further impair the operation of the organisation at all levels. Pre-employment background checks and Post-employment background checks are the two types of candidate verification. A thorough background check would include verification of all relevant information, including credentials, employment history, criminal history, and identification.

Step-by-Step Candidate Verification Process

We have a very efficient and low-cost procedure for conducting background checks on candidates. You get quicker response times and accurate results as an outcome.
Step: 1. Choose your ideal package
We have numerous packages, ranging from the most basic to the most premium, depending on the amount of information you require and the position for which you are hiring. Make the best package your first choice. Our representatives will help you choose wisely by outlining the advantages of the packages.
Step: 2. Provide Specific Candidate Information
Let us know what specific information you require next. Please send us the candidate's resume and any other information you have. We will also check these documents.
Step: 3. Get a Customised Verification Report
We deliver a report encompassing all crucial factors, including educational background, qualifications, references, and additional information provided by potential employees, following the package you have selected. The report will be in an accessible format and confidential. Any areas of concern will be flagged by the automated system.
Step: 4. Receive a Detailed Follow-Up from Our Experts
You can get in touch with our staff once more and request a comprehensive follow-up for specific fields based on the report. If there is a disparity between the experience listed on the résumé and actual job experience, for instance, we can further investigate the causes of leaving previous jobs and behavioural difficulties.
Step: 5. Payment
Our secure online payment methods are available for your use.

Candidate Verification services

We are providing the best candidate verification services in India. Our highest verification rates in the industry have helped us gain the trust of a substantial number of clients in India as well as outside the boundaries of India. Secure your business reputation with us and scale up your business.

Our Candidate’s Verification Services include the following:

Know your Customer (KYC)
  • Customer IdentificationAutomating the Customer Identification Process
  • Correct interpretationCorrect interpretation to reduce the danger
  • increased efficiencyFacilitating increased efficiency and reach
B2B & B2G Verification
  • employment verificationPre- and post-employment verification
  • Verification of leadershipVerification of leadership
  • Due DiligenceSupplier Due Diligence
  • KYC KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Insurance VerificationInsurance Verification Before and After
  • Medical CertificatesVerification of Medical Certificates
  • Risk and Claim AnalysisRisk and Claim Analysis
  • Business Due DiligenceBusiness Due Diligence
  • Candidate BackgroundCandidate Background Checking
  • Skip TracingSkip Tracing
Workload management
  • real-time ID99% of applications have real-time ID closures.
  • accurate outcomesDependable and accurate outcomes
  • human involvementFully automated to eliminate the need for human involvement
  • Reduced paperworkReduced paperwork
Timely Delivery & Transparency
  • customer service in the businessOur commitment to offering the greatest customer service in the business
  • Help DeskOur user-friendly web portal, Help Desk, and email are all open twenty-four hours a day.
  • deliver reportsWe deliver reports within 48 business hours.
  • Transparency in priceTransparency in price
Background checks on employees
  • worldwide presenceStrong worldwide presence and a strong network
  • Accurate confirmationAccurate confirmation and thorough analysis
  • diligence reportsAvailable due diligence reports
Education Verification
  • Digital transformationDigital transformation of education
  • real-time reportsDeeper-reaching real-time reports
  • ensure transparencyReduce responsibility to ensure transparency

Hire Top Talent with Ease with Corphr Candidate Verification Services

Employers are finding pre-employment screening services to be more and more important, and failing to conduct these background checks could have major repercussions for your business. Poor hiring selections can cause small firms to fail and be quite expensive for larger corporations. When an organisation hires a candidate after recruitment, whether for a full-time, part-time, permanent, or contract position, they will have access to various proprietary and secret materials. Therefore, it has become a requirement in today's world to have a few verification checks made on the candidate. The process of checking an individual's educational or employment-related information is known as a verification check or background verification. Employers frequently utilise these checks to evaluate a job applicant's character, identity, and past mistakes to make an informed hiring choice. Pre-hire, pre-offer, pre-joining, post-offer, or post-joining screenings are all possible. Industry experts typically outsource this procedure since it guarantees that the workforce is reliable, compliant, and free from any ties to the law or the criminal justice system. The full range of employee background checks offered by CorpHR includes the following:

Professional, specialised qualification checking:
You already need people with specialised degrees and other certifications for certain roles in your organisation. It is crucial to verify the legitimacy of any credentials or degrees that these candidates have provided. After all, you would be paying people with advanced degrees and certifications!
Verifying criminal histories:
Nowadays, doing criminal background checks for job candidates has become crucial for any firm. Criminal activity isn't just about robbing people or having connections to the underground!
Verifying employment history:
Not everyone applying for a position at your organisation will be a recent graduate or intern! The majority of applicants have professional experience, and for some important positions, you are likely to find the nurtured talents.
Social media account verification:
Nowadays, social media plays an integral role in the growth and brand building of an organization. Conducting social media account verification will help us gain more information about the candidates, and we may discover something that may aid in making decisions.

We Provide Candidate Verification Services For The Following Job Roles:

CXO level positions

Vertical Director

Marketing Head

Senior Manager

Branch Manager

All types of Software Developer

Product Manager

Business Analyst


Sales Executive

All IT positions

Engineers & all professionals


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