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Payroll Outsourcing Services

  • Employee-FriendlyEmployee-Friendly Interphase for self-data access
  • Employee-Friendly4.2 Million Payslips processed in a year
  • Dedicated-PayrollA Team of 500+ Dedicated Payroll Experts
  • SLAsAn approach based on SLAs and flexible reporting

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Why CorpHR

1, 45,000+ Businesses are soaring high with our Payroll Outsourcing services

Experienced Payroll Specialists
Experienced Payroll Specialists
A Proficient team of Payroll Specialists with Time Saving Approach
Payroll Processing
Payroll Processing
Includes management reporting & calculation of each employee's payroll and tax responsibilities
No Room for Discrepancies
Streamline One System for all HR-related matters and policies for success-oriented results
Executive Payroll Services
Executive Payroll Services
All of your employees, even the top managers and executives, will receive a complete paycheck from the HR

Earned the Tag of India’s Leading Payroll Outsourcing Service Provider

You can be confident that we want to be more than just a supplier. We want to be your profitability partner, continuously helping you to keep up with quickly evolving business realities and legal requirements. Many businesses find it challenging to entrust delicate business operations to a third party. But as a dependable payroll service provider, we strive to build connections at both the operational and service levels so you can contact us whenever you have a problem. We have strong security protocols and security policies in place to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of assurance possible regarding the confidentiality of their data.

Our Payroll Outsourcing Services Cover End-to-end Payroll Compliance Solutions

Businesses need to be effective and productive, but they also need to be flexible and responsive if they want to stay ahead of the competition. Payroll outsourcing gives you more time, money, and brainpower to focus on business strategy. HR may excel when it comes to being able to react to changes in the market and environment. If your business doesn't have a payroll department, then CorpHR is at your rescue. Our payroll outsourcing means you won't have to worry about recruiting employees who have the necessary payroll knowledge. Additionally, your employees may relax about routine issues like payroll and evolving legal requirements.

We adhere to very specific SLAs and processes when providing payroll services. We have a proven track record of sticking to our promises. To eliminate the possibility of human error, we follow fully automated procedures to manage your payroll outsourcing process. We have made sure that all necessary corporate governance and tax laws are followed in the payroll processing. We perform a multi-level procedure inspection that fully mitigates any errors to ensure accuracy. With pre-payroll approvals and post-payroll quality assurance, we have a strong quality assurance system in place. Consequently, our process provides the highest quality of service and attains 100% accuracy and error-free services. We are consistently delivering the best Payroll Outsourcing Services. Our 98.9% client retention rate is a result of our efforts & hard work.

  • We take pleasure in offering the best quality Payroll Outsourcing Services in India, which has been made possible by our extensive use of technology. Our employee self-service interface on the internet enables speedy approvals and payments while guaranteeing security, accuracy, and confidentiality.
  • With years of experience handling various payroll needs, our excellent payroll team consists of professionals working for our clients. Our employees stay with us for a long time as a result of their satisfaction with their work and the welcoming workplace culture that results in process continuity.
  • Our payroll management solution is made to keep your staff happy and satisfied. We make sure that laws, rules, and taxation are followed. Employees of our clients are generally happy with us, and we offer them enough information on pay, benefits, taxes, provident funds, and other aspects of processing payroll.

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Why Should You Outsource Your Payroll?

Although it might be complicated and time-consuming, payroll processing is essential to the operation of your company. You will receive highly qualified professionals from an outsourced firm who are knowledgeable about the most recent laws and have the flexibility to respond to changes rapidly. You may feel confident that you are in compliance and that your employees are paid accurately and on time by outsourcing. At CorpHR, we also have the advantage of having access to very our payroll expertise with 15+ years of experience. Over 5000 people have recently used our interactive webinars to learn how to navigate legal changes.
Saves Time & Money:
Businesses of all sizes can outsource their payroll as it will save their valuable time and money, and they can reduce the burden of handling it themselves. A growing number of companies nowadays rely on payroll service providers to ensure efficient payroll processing. CorpHR can assist your firm focus on its fundamental values of developing and fostering growth in addition to providing you with a hassle-free payroll experience.
Experience Flawless Payroll Procedure:
Employers find it challenging to handle payroll on their own due to the several important components of a monthly salary. It is essential that the payroll procedure is flawless and always complies with legal requirements.
Plays a Significant Role in Business Expansion:
One of the main causes for which companies choose payroll outsourcing is to concentrate better on the expansion of their firm. Let our payroll experts handle your payroll-related matter, and you give pace to your business expansion plan.

Why Corphr as your Payroll Outsourcing Partner?

At Corphr, we ensure reducing of your expenses and save precious time. Our experienced payroll experts, who have processed millions of payslips in the past, will do wonders for your business. You want to be certain that your provider's system, procedure, and technology platform will function well when selecting an outsourced payroll service. The process is as follows:
Pick us as your business partner for payroll outsourcing:
Contact us through our official website, and we'll assign you and your company a knowledgeable account manager to handle all of your payroll-related tasks.
Always pay workers on time:
Make sure that your staff is consistently paid on time and by payroll requirements. To comply with governmental rules and regulations, observe labour and wage laws. Our experts are readily available to extend their support.
We assume responsibility for adhering to laws:
All recent state laws and customs in India that may have an impact on payslips will be followed and sent to you by our expert.
Monthly Payroll Schedule Creation:
Our payroll specialists create a monthly payroll schedule that will be useful for all businesses. All businesses must have a clearly-defined calendar.
Conducting Regular Audits:
Our Payroll specialists conduct regular audits and ensure that all operations are working efficiently.
You emphasise your development and expansion:
Spend more time and money on areas that will help you accomplish your goals and objectives by leaving all payroll-related tasks in the hands of our professionals.

Top-rated Payroll Services

Through the efficient use of systems and processes, we hope to earn your trust and provide the service value that has been promised. To make sure this is the case, we have undergone a thorough evaluation by a variety of government agencies. Therefore, you can be confident that our payroll, accounting, and technology platforms will function as intended.

Our Payroll Outsourcing Services encompass the following:

End-to-end payroll outsourcing, HRMS, and ESS
  • payrollFully customized payroll
  • payrollOutsourcing end-to-end processing
  • payrollFlexible responses to clients' needs
  • payrollMinimal errors
  • payrollThe module on Attendance and leaves
Payroll Software
  • payrollLive support
  • payrollQuality Assurance
  • payrollFully customisable panel
  • payrollConfidentiality and Data Privacy
  • payrollAgile and Lean Approach
  • payrollDisaster Management and Recovery
Talent Acquisition
  • payrollWe offer talent acquisition services based on research and customized to customer needs.
  • payrollWe adhere to business trends, such as embracing a flexible workforce and luring candidates with transferrable skills.
  • payrollWe adhere to business trends, such as embracing a flexible workforce and luring candidates with transferrable skills.
  • payrollImprove and streamline your hiring process.
  • payrollHire professionals who are qualified.
Employee/Staffing Outsource
  • payrollWe take care of outsourcing payroll duties such as salary computation and distribution, tax-related tasks, keeping current personnel records, etc.
  • payrollNo changes of errors or complaints
  • payrollWhen employees are happy, they work hard and eagerly contribute to the development of your business.
Payroll-related tax and labour law compliance
  • payrollLeave and Attendance management
  • payrollLabour law compliance
  • payrollEmployee self-service portal
  • payrollImproved income tax and planning
  • payrollReports
  • payrollEnd-to-end payroll outsourcing
Our Other Services
  • payrollPayroll-related tax and labour law compliance
  • payrollEmployee self-service portal for pay slips and tax declaration
  • payrollOur time processing of payroll
  • payrollDefine tax sufficient salary structure

High Efficiency & Low Risk with our Integrated Payroll Outsourcing Services

Our payroll outsourcing services in India streamline your workflow by taking care of everything from timely payroll processing to statutory filings, reporting, analytics, and expenditure control. The skilled specialists at CorpHR function as crucial members of your team, handling all of your payroll needs from beginning to end. We proactively address issues and collaborate with you as an integral member of your team, allowing you to concentrate on your strategic business goals. We work as a dependable partner to help you and your employees get paid on time, every time.
We offer a full range of employer services that make it easier and faster for you to hire and pay employees while still helping you to comply with the law. Our payroll outsourcing systems and processes are made to work with your infrastructure and applications, not with ours, whether you need payroll solutions in India or elsewhere. We bring decades of knowledge and skills to your operations along with a successful track record. Our payroll unit offers error-free payroll processing through a tailored Employee Self Service (ESS). It facilitates employee interaction and client Self Service (CSS) through a secured web network to maximise your company's gains. Reimbursement processing, full and final settlement processing, salary slip preparation, PT, PF, contract labour, ESIC, and LWF are all handled by our team of practitioners. Consistent payroll processing, tailored customer engagements to manage inquiries, and total data protection are all benefits that our clients get.
Payroll solutions:
We offer on-time payroll processing, investment evidence verification, tax filings, reporting and analytics, cost management, coordinate/project management, data collection, etc., as part of our payroll outsourcing services.
Employee self-service:
Our completely managed HR data and payroll solution improves efficiency, lowers costs, and streamlines procedures.
Attendance and Leave Management:
CorpHR ensures you and your workers have access to the most recent and accurate information pertaining to attendance & leaves.
EOR Services:
Offers more than simply payroll services to EOR/PEO firms. Our employer of record (EOR) services offers hassle-free personnel management from beginning to end.

Comprehensive Coverage of Labour Laws

The Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923

The Payment of Wages Act, 1936

The Industrial Employment Act, 1946

The Shop and Establishment Act, 1948

Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948

The Minimum Wages Act-1948

The Employment Exchange Act, 1959

The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961

The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965

The Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1965(LWF)

The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972

The Professional Tax Act, 1975 (PT)

The Equal Remuneration Act, 1976

The Child Labour Act, 1986

Other Acts


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