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Banking And Financial Recruitment Services

  • hiring solutionsDelivering hiring solutions to India’s Leading Financial Institutions & Banks
  • time to hireEnsures reduction in time to hire by 60%
  • Recruiting Recruiting Beyond Borders
  • Finance Industry500+ Banking & Finance Industry-specific Recruiters

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Experienced Recruitment Consultants
Banking & financial services specialists with 15+ years of experience
Affordable Staffing Solutions
92% of our clients believe that our hiring solutions are cost-effective
long-term relationship
Strong Connection
Delivering enthusiastic candidates and developing a long-term relationship
background verification
Reliable Background Check
Our background verification approach reduces the chances of fraud by 99.8%

With Us, Recruiting Is Easy. It's That Simple.

Finding top talent to fill vacant banking and financial services roles in your company may be challenging, but working with a recruiting company like CorpHR may make this process much easier. We focus mainly on filling mid- to senior-level positions in banking, including risk management, corporate banking, financial services, investment management, insurance, lending and companies that provide financial services. Our services have helped many of the biggest organizations in the industry resolve one of their most difficult staffing problems in the banking and finance sectors: finding the right fit in less time. We have a pool of readily available High-quality industry pros who understand the banking & finance domains and can meet your expectations pertaining to financial hiring.

We Go the Extra Mile to Deliver the Best Banking and Financial Services

Recruitment for banks is more difficult than ever. Why? Banks and other financial firms are finding it challenging to find tech-savvy employees in light of recent breakthroughs like AI and blockchain. Your banking and financial recruitment practices must alter to fill the gap in this industry. The need to recruit highly qualified individuals with significant experience and the necessary skills to address the vast potential development ahead of the industry has been sparked by the new opportunities facing the banking and financial services sector in India. And that is where CorpHR comes in.

CorpHR has developed a reverse-engineered, global 24/7 recruiting and service delivery strategy to satisfy the specialised and customised recruiting requirements of different parts of the banking and financial industry. Many of our recruitment consultants have expertise in banking and finance, providing us with a solid awareness of the complex hiring criteria for banking and finance professions, as well as easy insights into whether candidates possess the hard and soft skill sets required to succeed. We have been active in the industry for many years and have recruited for positions in a variety of disciplines, including derivatives, audit, compliance, and c-level financial and banking services management. Once we collaborate with companies, we take a consultative approach to recruitment, which means that we do more than just send in CVs; we actively assist with the recruitment process.

  • banking and financialCorpHR provides innovative, dependable, and cost-effective banking and financial recruiting solutions to help your department or organisation function more efficiently. We engage the talent you want, when, where, and how you require it while managing quality, cost, and risk throughout each engagement.
  • global databaseOur global database of 1.8 million job seekers associated with the banking and finance domain will help us overcome the recruitment challenges faced by you. We bring value not just through an efficient recruitment process but also through knowledge and insights into the banking and finance talent market.
  • human touchOur blend of technology and human touch is designed for firms seeking to balance success and value. Our proven experience in identifying the right personnel across the financial sector, from banking, insurance, accounting companies, and NBFCs, can help you unmask the talented resources to fulfil your goals.

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Find More Time with Temporary or Contractual Recruitment Solutions

Need qualified employees for a brief assignment? Are you looking for qualified seasonal workers? CorpHR is the only place to look.

We comprehend. It's scary to commit. You may have employed folks in the past only to discover that their approach simply doesn't match the culture of the company. Contractual or temporary recruitment lowers your company's administrative duties and training expenses. Only after thoroughly evaluating a candidate's abilities and work style do you onboard them as a permanent employee, assuring them the perfect match for your company without the risk of an upfront cost. Before committing to long-term or direct employment, we make sure the applicant is a perfect fit.

The pressure is reduced by our contractual services. With a predetermined timeline for status conversion, we recruit and screen your new hires before deploying them as contract workers. They are confidently set on the path to direct employment as a result, and you enjoy the peace of mind that comes with exploring the possibilities. For temporary hires in the banking and financial services sector, our recruiters are prepared to face new financial factors. We focus on filling mid-level to senior-level positions in banking and financial services, including risk management, corporate banking, investment and financial services, superannuation, insurance, and lending.

Our Banking and Financial Hiring Procedure

Our recruiting specialists take a consultative approach to your recruitment, taking the time to understand exactly what your company's goals are. They become your talent consultants, collaborating with you to ensure success.
Step: 1. Identifying the Most Qualified Applicants
This is the first step in our approach to identifying qualified candidates from a variety of sources. The diversity of our network increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the process of matching jobs and individuals. Online job boards, professional networking websites, and online networks are just a few venues we recruit candidates from.
Step: 2. Selecting and Evaluating
After choosing the right candidates, we shortlist them and keep track of their profiles based on their credentials, experience, and potential. This screening procedure includes both in-person interviews and comprehensive background investigations.
Step: 3. Providing Necessary Information to Our Clients
To shortlist and assess the applicants for relevance and accuracy, the final step is to send the clients the necessary information.
Step: 4. Constant monitoring
As a staffing agency, we don't stop working after a candidate is hired; rather, we continue to monitor that employee's performance to ensure that we're furnishing you with the best service possible.
It's great to have a knack for numbers and a keen eye for detail. Even better are perspective and the capacity to influence company outcomes. Contact our leading experts in banking and finance who mix knowledge with efficiency for recruiting your ideal candidates.

Payroll Services

CorpHR's flexible and customised Payrolling services contribute to a favourable outcome for our clients. CorpHR manages the employee classification procedure on your behalf, takes care of all the relationship management and administrative tasks connected to indirect hires, takes care of payroll liabilities, and shields you from delicate co-employment concerns. We also accomplish it all for a competitive price.

Types of Banking and Financial Recruitment Services: The choice is yours

Contractual or Temporary Recruitment
  • Risk mitigationRisk mitigation
  • Time and CostTime and Cost Savings
  • ResourceResource Optimisation
  • Hiring RiskReduced Hiring Risk
  • EmpoweredEmpowered Workforce
  • EmployeePerfect Employee Match
Permanent Recruitment Services
  • suitable candidatesIdentifying and evaluating applicants to develop a pool of suitable candidates
  • skill verificationEducation, work experience, and skill verification
  • person interviewsCoordination and implementation of online and in-person interviews
  • Recommendation CheckRecommendation Check
  • ManagementManagement of background checks
  • salaryPresenting an offer and negotiating a salary
Payrolling Services
  • RelationshipRelationship management
  • administrativeReduced administrative work & No conversion fee
  • CostCost savings
  • ResourceResource Optimisation Administrative Relief
  • FlexibilitFlexibility
Executive Search
  • talentAccess a large talent pool
  • qualifiedPre-vetted, qualified candidates
  • IndustryIndustry-specific executives
  • UniqueUnique & strategic approach
Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Quality HiresQuality Hires
  • Cost ReductionCost Reduction
  • Scalable ModelScalable Model: Clients only pay for what they get – successfully filled positions.
  • deadlinesOur RPO model is designed to overcome tight deadlines.
  • future hiringThe best applicants are gathered and actively engaged, building a network for future hiring.
  • hiring processWe monitor and record each step of the hiring process to assist in real-time reporting and comprehensive review, enabling quick decision-making.

Successful Track Record of Hiring the Best Banking & Finance Personnel

Finding qualified candidates to fill available banking and financial services jobs within your organisation can be difficult, but working with a staffing firm like CorpHR can simplify the process. We specialise in hiring for mid-level to senior-level positions in banking, including risk management, corporate banking, financial services, investment management, superannuation, insurance, and lending. Whether you run a major international corporation or a small fundraising firm, we can assist you in finding your team's next top employee. Many of our recruitment consultants have experience working in the banking and financial services industry, which gives us a solid awareness of the demanding recruiting criteria for these positions and quick insights into whether employees have the necessary hard and soft skills.
We have a great deal of experience hiring for positions across the board, including those that focus on derivatives, audit, compliance, or just top-level management in the banking and financial services sector. We collaboratively approach recruitment, so when we work with a company, we do more than just submit a tonne of CVs. We genuinely strive to comprehend hiring requirements before identifying the specialists with the necessary skill sets to meet those requirements.
In-depth Screening:
It helps us in gaining more knowledge about the skills, personalities, and goals of the candidates so that we can provide the right resources that can give a sustainable boost to your business.
Delivery of Highly Functional Candidates:
You will get efficient and capable candidates that will work with a result-oriented approach to help your business take the right path of accomplishment. We are blessed with a pool of readily available candidates.
Our experienced and dedicated recruiters will help you fill your organisation's Banking and Financial Services based roles. Our proficient team plays on the combination of skills and role-specific decisions.
Implementation of Right Practices:
At Corphr, we ensure good hiring practices are followed and implemented across all levels. We believe in maintaining transparency, which is why we share real-time status with our clients and keep their goals in mind.

We help you hire banking and finance professionals for job positions such as-

VP – Capital Markets

Financial Analyst

Project Manager

Head -Financial Services

Fund accountant

Finance manager

Director of Finance

Customer Service Agents

Compliance manager

Credit Controller

Compliance officer

Manager FP&A

Internal auditor

Operations Manager


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