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Legal Hiring Services

  • 1.3 Lakh+ readily available Legal professionals1.3 Lakh+ readily available Legal professionals
  • Ensures Closure in Less than 3 WeeksEnsures Closure in Less than 3 Weeks
  • A proficient team of 150+ legal recruitersA proficient team of 150+ legal recruiters
  • 1000+ Positions Closed1000+ Positions Closed in last 4 Months

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Why CorpHR?

Bring Best Legal Professionals on Board with Us

Experienced Legal Recruiters
Experienced Legal Recruiters
A team of legal recruitment specialists with 15+ Years of Experience
Time & Money Saving Approach
Time & Money Saving Approach
Our approach revolves around reduction in cost and time to hire
Reliable, Affordable, and Scalable
Reliable, Affordable, and Scalable
9 out of 10 major legal firms worldwide are happy with our services
Incredible Client Retention Rate
Incredible Client Retention Rate
The client retention rate of 99.2% showcases our expertise and client satisfaction quotient

Gear up with our Top-notch Legal Hiring Services

You can rely on CorpHR, India’s leading provider of legal hiring services, to support your company’s development in a constantly changing legal environment. Numerous lawyers and other legal experts have been hired by our legal recruitment specialists and placed in prestigious legal firms and legal departments of different companies. But we’re also a cutting-edge organisation with a novel viewpoint. People appreciate our transparency and capacity to pay attention, comprehend, and provide thoughtful counsel. In order to be as accessible to you as possible, our amiable legal staffing/recruitment consultants are available round the clock. Our recruiters track for game-changing individuals—qualified, skilled legal professionals who will ace up your business game. We deliver outcomes you can trust and performance you can follow by utilizing a balanced mix of technology and innovation.

A one-stop destination that Equips Companies and Law Firms with Legal Professionals

CorpHR is a recruitment firm and manpower consultancy that specialises in positioning legal professionals for various positions. We offer our clients temporary, permanent, and outsourcing legal recruitment services, among other services.

We believe hiring practices should be similar to how lawyers specialise in one area. Each of our consultants, unlike those at other agencies, has a specific area of expertise, giving them a level of market expertise that makes them the best possible representatives of yours. Law firms likewise adore our specialised strategy. Since we constantly provide resources to hundreds of regional and national law firms, we have established long-term relationships with them. In India, CorpHR is a well-known company in legal recruitment, dealing with businesses of all sizes and in a variety of sectors. No matter if you’re searching for a general secretary, legal counsel, or contracts professional, our recruiting consultants have sound knowledge and great experiences in the legal industry, and as a result, they are aware of the hard and soft skillset required in a successful professional. According to CorpHR, the core of each organisation, regardless of size or industry, is a solid legal staff. CorpHR’s school of thought seeks to provide the best legal recruitment services in order to assist firms that wish to make a lasting impact and govern the competitive market. We are a robust team of knowledgeable recruiting professionals here to help you build and run your business profitably and successfully in the long run. We are a family of passionate legal experts with over 15 years of experience serving hundreds of customers.

  • Legal recruitment agencyAs a recognised legal recruitment agency, CorpHR develops sincere relationships with organisations and applicants to understand their unique requirements better. We learn about our client’s businesses, plans, ambitions, and challenges. Furthermore, we learn about the skills, personalities, tastes, and objectives of our prospects.
  • Legal recruitment agencyIn order to ensure that their business operates lawfully and keeps them safe with a web of always changing regulations, businesses need qualified legal specialists, from the Para-legal to the entry-level legal position. Our legal recruiters have years of experience, and they develop their relationships by learning about your business strategy and team dynamics.
  • Legal recruitment agencyThanks to our personalised strategy, we can match individuals based not just on talents but also on cultural fit. We put talented people in jobs where they can dramatically rise from the bottom line and adjust themselves well to the existing work environment.

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Our Legal Hiring Services are Perfect for Temporary Staffing Solutions

Both large and small firms are having trouble keeping up with the nation’s expanding body of laws and the unpredictability of the legal system. When things are uncertain, it’s possible that you shouldn’t hire full-time, permanent employees. You want to be able to manage your company’s operations in exactly the way you see them, and this requires a flexible, on-demand workforce. The CorpHR recruitment agency provides solid short-term staffing solutions that let you expand your workforce without having to hire new employees on a full-time basis, assist overworked workers in emergency situations, and advance projects. Being one of the best employee leasing firms in India, we offer thorough, affordable, and efficient legal recruitment services to companies that might not have the resources or motivation to tackle any particular cases or tasks. When you choose us as your temporary employment agency, we work exactly like your company's HR department, but without the worry, money, and boredom which you would have to deal with.

Even in white-collar professions, contract or temporary employment has been around for some time but is now becoming more and more popular. Both employers and individuals can benefit from contract employment. Talented individuals also have the opportunity to define their career path by taking on harder and more demanding responsibilities across other organisations, allowing employers the freedom to hire people for temporary positions. If you need legal professionals for a short time, a specific project, or to meet your seasonal employment needs, get in touch with us.

Step-by-step Legal Recruitment Process

We continue to achieve positive outcomes with our highly consultative approach as a recruitment consulting business with a focus on the legal industry and a comprehensive selection process.
Step: 1. Consultation
The legal recruitment process will begin with a full briefing from the business describing the open job, defining the scope and responsibilities of the role, the knowledge and skills applicants must possess, and details concerning your business culture. The hiring process will include objectives and goals, and we will clarify the timing with you.
Step: 2. Interviews with Applicants
We’ll schedule interviews with the candidates you want at the time and location you want.
Step: 3. Selection of a Succeeding Candidate
Following the selection of a Succeeding Candidate, we will take care of the required documentation, resolve terms and conditions, assist with referrals, and confirm appointments.
Step: 4. Successful Candidate Selection
After selecting a successful candidate, we will handle the necessary paperwork, settle terms and conditions, help with references, and confirm appointments.
Step: 5. Onboarding
For a new appointment to be successful, it is crucial to go through the onboarding process. To make this process as smooth & convenient as possible, the legal head will stay in touch with the selected applicant while they adjust to their new position.
Step: 6. Our commitment to you
We promise to work with you on all elements of the hiring procedure. We vow to be dedicated, motivated, honest, and open in order to make sure we fulfil our commitment to you.

Customized Legal Payroll Services that Promises Authenticity

Our 15+ years of legal payroll services will add value to your business venture and save valuable time and money. From onboarding to retirement, we will take care of all documentation while upholding the highest standards of compliance and ethics. Our employment agency offers third-party payroll services to both large organisations and small businesses.

Our Legal Recruitment Services revolve around the following areas:

Temporary Legal Hiring Services:
  • A simpleImprove workplace ambiance and produce quality personnel.
  • A simpleA straightforward and effective method.
  • A simpleBoth the organisation and the candidate benefit from the situation.
  • A simpleWe offer skilled & capable temporary resources.
Services for Permanent Legal Recruitment:
  • A simpleWe provide knowledge, wisdom, and fresh perspectives.
  • A simpleThe ideal candidate for the legal job opening.
  • A simpleDelivering solutions for legal employment at different levels.
Simplified hiring Solutions for Staffing:
  • A simpleA simple onboarding procedure
  • A simpleYour workforce needs will be determined by our team of expert legal recruiters using an analytical and assessment method.
  • A simpleQuick recruiting requires easy access to data.
  • A simpleYou don’t need to be concerned about rules, policies, laws, or penalties because we, the leaders of the best recruitment agency, are fully compliant and ethical specialists.
  • A simpleCustomization of your needs; being the best legal recruitment firm, we provide solutions made to fit your particular needs.
The legal workforce has changed:
  • A simpleOffers innovative staffing solutions
  • A simpleAccess to highly skilled legal personnel quickly
  • A simpleGreater adaptability
  • A simpleManaging the candidate database and consistently monitoring
Staffing for Standard Compliance and Quality Control:
  • A simpleAs the top staffing company, we take part in background checks to ensure better placement.
  • A simpleUsing the internet to research
  • A simpleExceptional candidate tracking
  • A simpleReporting and instruction
  • A simpleSome significant rounds of in-person interviews
Operational excellence in practice:
  • A simpleEmployment tactics are straightforward and truthful
  • A simpleClearly stated objectives and timetables
  • A simpleA Special Coverage to KPIs and SLAs.

With Corphr Legal Hiring Services, Recruiting Top Legal Workforce is made Simple

Every business organisation needs a capable and powerful legal team. Finding appropriate candidates for unfilled positions in your legal division is therefore crucial. You may fill those roles with the help of CorpHR, your reliable partner. Whether you’re looking for a Senior Associate, Legal Secretary, or Patent Attorney, we have the extensive network and in-depth expertise to help you find the perfect match. As our recruiting experts are highly experienced and skilled in providing legal recruitment services, they can quickly identify crucial hiring needs as well as the professionals with the skills, knowledge, and profiles to meet them. We can help you locate senior to junior legal professionals, from general counsel to summer associates. We don’t just send out a number of applications and call it a day; instead, we like to take a deliberate approach to hire. Instead, we establish relationships with the companies we work with to make sure that we not only employ the best professionals but also that we hire for the positions that your organisation needs for maximum performance and efficiency.

1. With the help of our internal legal recruitment professionals, you may organise your team to operate as effectively as possible.
2. To ensure your hiring process is as effective as possible, in addition to helping with legal recruitment, we can also offer assistance with compensation comparison, job description design, and skills gap analysis.
3. To discuss any legal roles you want to fill, feel free to give us a call right away.
4. Businesses require a lot of legal roles to continue operating legally. Thus, we are aware that it takes a lot of time and effort to discover the ideal candidate.

We Provide the Best Legal Brains for the following Job Roles:

Legal & Compliance Head

General Counsel

Company Secretary

Senior Legal Counsel

Corporate Investigation Counsel

Patent Attorney

Senior Associate

IP Counsel Specialist

Legal Manager

Legal Secretary

Data Privacy & Protection Lawyer

Dispute Resolution Specialist

Legal Translator

Legal Assistant

Legal Coordinator


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