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Hire online reputation manager from the league of seasoned reputation managers for your business venture to oversee and transform your digital brand value. Get in touch with our Corphr team, slash your hiring expenses by 25% and get a capable resource within 48 hours.

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Hire Online Reputation Manager with India’s best Recruitment Agency

Want to create a positive perception and robust brand image for your business venture? If yes, you are at the right place, as we are blessed to have a readily available online reputation manager who can help you excel in your brand-building game.

Hire an online reputation manager who holds expertise in maintaining the reputation of an individual or a company.

Who is an Online Reputation Manager?

An online reputation manager is an individual responsible for creating and maintaining a favourable brand image of your firm or business venture. The roles and responsibilities of an online reputation manager are directly concerned with transforming the brand image of an organization. Online reputation managers are actively involved in reducing the number of negative feedbacks provided by customers and competitors. They showcase you and your business as a positive entity.


The responsibilities of online reputation manager are mentioned below-

Monitoring Online Presence
The online reputation manager is responsible for overseeing reviews, online mentions, as well as comments and looking after the online reputation of the brand.
Developing a Content Strategy
In most companies, an online reputation manager is responsible for developing as well as executing a content strategy. This strategy revolves around promoting positive brand associations and addressing potential reputation risks.
Review Management
They are responsible for addressing negative as well as positive customer reviews on diverse platforms, ensuring quick responses and the right resolution.
Social Media Management
They are responsible for maintaining a solid presence on social media platforms. They immerse in conversation with followers and sort out their issues and concerns.
Brand Advocacy
They cultivate positive relationships with influencers and famous personalities. These known individuals will positively impact the online image of the brand.
Feedback Loop
They are responsible for collecting customer insights and feedback in order to improve products and services and also provide amazing experiences to the customer.
Crisis Management
They are responsible for handling reputation crises. Furthermore, they communicate with stakeholders in a transparent manner and mitigate negative impacts.
Reporting and Analytics
An online reputation manager tracks as well as analyzes key metrics pertaining to the management of online reputation, presenting the key insights to management.
Competitor Analysis
They are responsible for monitoring the online reputation of competitors in order to recognize the set of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
Engagement Strategy
They are responsible for the development of strategies in order to engage with online communities, address potential issues, and participate in discussions.
Online Partnerships
They march ahead and collaborate with affiliates and partners in order to maintain positive brand representation in the long run.
Legal and Regulatory Compliances
One of the substantial responsibilities of an online reputation manager is to ensure that all online activities comply with legal and regulatory compliance.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is a brand-building exercise and a proactive approach to cultivating, monitoring, as well as influencing a positive digital image for brands, businesses, and individuals across numerous online platforms. In the current scenario, opinions and information travel from one place to another at a rapid pace. Under this approach, negative reviews and comments are addressed. This practice encompasses the evaluation of social media platforms, monitoring review sites and turning the negativity into positivity, search engine result analysis, and tracking reviews, comments, and discussions on other platforms. ORM plays a significant role in influencing buying decisions, shaping public perception, and maintaining reputation on digital platforms.

We Hire Online Reputation Managers with the below-mentioned Requirements and Skills Educational & Professional Requirements


  • Evaluation SystemA degree in digital marketing, branding or social media marketing is recommended.
  • Evaluation SystemBachelors or Masters in Mass Communication Business Management or Mass Communication would be preferred.
  • Evaluation SystemHands-on experience in social analytics and BI Tools
  • Evaluation SystemFamiliarity with social listening tools
  • Evaluation SystemExperience in the Education Industry would be an added advantage
  • Evaluation SystemContent development, as well as management expertise, is required
  • Evaluation SystemFamiliarity with SEO
  • Evaluation SystemKnowledge of programming will be an added advantage
  • Evaluation SystemExcellent command of written English

Technical Expectations

  • Evaluation SystemBrand Analytics Report
  • Evaluation SystemShare of Voice Report
  • Evaluation SystemTwitter Campaign Analytics
  • Evaluation SystemYouTube Brand Channel Analytics Report
  • Evaluation SystemGoogle Adwords Insights
  • Evaluation SystemSentiment analysis report
  • Evaluation SystemYouTube Channel Comparison
  • Evaluation SystemInstagram Brand Analytics Report
  • Evaluation SystemFacebook Ads Insights
  • Evaluation SystemLinkedIn Analytics
  • Evaluation SystemInstagram campaign analytics
  • Evaluation SystemClassification report
  • Evaluation SystemMedia Type analysis report
  • Evaluation SystemTwitter Brand Analytics Report
  • Evaluation SystemGoogle Analytics
  • Evaluation SystemTwitter Comparison
  • Evaluation SystemFacebook Comparison
  • Evaluation SystemFacebook Brand Analytics Report
  • Evaluation SystemInstagram Comparison

Factors that Contribute to Online Reputation Management ORM must entail a combination of the following-

Owned media
  • Evaluation SystemUser-generated Content (UGC)
  • Evaluation SystemReviews
  • Evaluation SystemEmployee and Customer Stories
  • Evaluation SystemWebinars
  • Evaluation SystemBrand-created Content
Paid media
  • Evaluation SystemAffiliate Programs
  • Evaluation SystemSponsored Social Posts
  • Evaluation SystemLead Generation
  • Evaluation SystemNative Advertising
Earned media
  • Evaluation SystemInfluencer Marketing
  • Evaluation SystemMedia Relations
  • Evaluation SystemPR
Shared media
  • Evaluation SystemOrganic Social Media Posts
  • Evaluation SystemCommunity Service and Partnerships
  • Evaluation SystemCo-branding Campaigns

Hire Online Reputation Manager as per your Project Demands

At Corphr, we maintain a database of certified online reputation managers and help companies recruit the top online reputation managers and take their brand-building game to the next level. A pool of capable ORM experts with years of experience in transforming the brand value of the business is readily available. Thus, we ensure the timely placement of candidates in your organization.

Outsource your reputation management project to us and see how strategically we will help you hire online reputation manager and bring the most efficient resource in no time.

Hire Online Reputation Manager with India’s Leading Recruitment Agency

Curious to know how modern-day businesses are taking their online reputation game to new heights? The reason is they are relying on our recruitment solutions for hiring online reputation manager. Online reputation management is not a trivial matter. Therefore, businesses are continuously looking for experienced online reputation managers to change their brand image and boost their sales volume.

Corphr is blessed with a team of 12+ ORM-specialized recruiters with 5+ years of experience. If you are looking for top talented online reputation managers, you are at the right place. Our recruitment consultants have an unmatchable understanding of online reputation building exercises, and thus, hiring the right pool of online reputation managers is no more a challenge with Corphr. We offer a flexible, strategy-oriented, as well as proactive approach to recruiting and hiring ORM experts. The readily available experts are waiting to create a difference in the industry. Reach out to us and hire online reputation manager for your company.

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Steps to Hire Online Reputation Managers with Corphr

STEP 1- Let us know your Online Reputation Needs
Firstly, we understand your online reputation needs before initiating our process.
Step 2- Resume Checking and Screening
We take a glimpse of the resumes of candidates and conduct the screening process.
Step 3- Interview ORM Specialists
Our recruitment experts take the interview and check their strengths and skills.
Step 4- Sign Service Level Agreement
Once satisfied with the interview, we go ahead with signing the service level agreement.
Step 5- Onboarding Process
The onboarding commences once the service level agreement gets signed.
Step 6- Assign them Tasks
You can interact with the hired resources and help them initiate their journey in your organization.

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